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People are very concerned about the "radioactivity and radiation" of stones in home decoration

selection principle of protective agent: for what kind of protective agent to choose, four specific principles should be adhered to: specific stone, specific installation method, specific pollution source to be prevented, and specific protective agent

(1) specific stone: first, confirm the type of stone, and investigate its color (dark, light, black, white, etc.), appearance (smooth surface, rough surface) and the texture of the stone itself (marble or granite), iron content, manganese content, sulfur content, and the level of other magazines

(2) specific installation methods: it should be differentiated according to the specific conditions of dry hanging, wet paving, etc

(3) specific pollution sources to be prevented: factors such as preventing the back seepage of cement slurry, preventing the erosion of acid rain in use, preventing daily water-based pollution or preventing oil pollution can be considered

(4) select specific protective agents: according to the consideration of the above three factors, determine the specific protective agents, and select water-based, solvent based, decorative, ground based and special protective agents

the specific selection methods can be simply summarized as follows:

① glossy stones (especially glossy marble) should try to choose protective agents that can increase the gloss of stones

② when the decorative effect requires deepening the color of stones, brightening protective agents should be selected

③ primary color protective agent should be selected for occasions where the original appearance of stone should be maintained

④ when using wet paste installation, the protective agent that does not affect the bonding fastness between stone and cement mortar should be selected on the bottom surface of stone

⑤ considering environmental protection requirements (especially during construction in confined space), water-based protective agents or protective agents without organic solvents should be selected as far as possible

⑥ where oil stains are often exposed, anti oil penetrating or sealing protective agents should be selected

⑦ for loose stone with low mechanical strength, enhanced protective agent should be selected

⑧ the best construction temperature of protective agent is 5-35 ℃. When the ambient temperature is too low, the water-based protective agent may not be able to work because of ice. At this time, oil-based or solvent-based protective agents should be selected





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