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In the kitchen electrical industry, which is highly competitive and presents a pattern of multi-party hegemony, Cohen appliances has always maintained a high-speed and steady development. Under the high-end, intelligent and diversified transformation of consumption upgrading, the growing Cohen appliance has continuously improved brand reputation, terminal marketing, linkage training, and activity promotion in full swing; Recently, with the grand launch of Cohen's "2018 new product launch benefit", dealer orders from all over the country flooded Cohen headquarters. For this reason, all departments of Cohen appliance worked together to ensure the efficient and high-quality production of a full range of kitchen appliances, and to deliver smoke-free and healthy kitchen life to more consumers as soon as possible

as a professional quality manufacturing enterprise of kitchen appliances, Cohen appliance always understands the changes of consumers' needs and gives perfect solutions to consumer needs. With strong brand power, product power and multi-dimensional and flexible marketing mode, it has taken advantage of the trend in the market of consumption upgrading and become a powerful engine to drive sales growth. The huge daily delivery volume in the production workshop of Cohen electric appliance makes people feel that the market is booming. Although it is the peak sales season and time is urgent, the personnel of the quality control center of Cohen electric appliance are strict with each product production process, and carry out systematic inspection one after another from the inside to the outside, from the parts to the whole machine, so as to ensure quality and quantity delivery and meet the needs of consumers

in the era of competition, only by breaking through ourselves and tapping our potential can we occupy an advantage in the fierce market competition! The "rising tide" of sales is not over. Cohen's 2018 new product launch benefits, with high quality, excellent service, multiple discounts, etc., are still constantly detonating the signing frenzy. Huiyi: there is a gift on the code, and customers can scan the QR code to enter the store to receive a summer umbrella, first come, first served, and only after delivery; Huier: directly provided by the manufacturer, special price: you can rush to buy the LCD flat-panel cigarette set (cigarette machine + stove) for only 1980 yuan, special price 2: you can rush to buy a Cohen integrated stove for only 4980 yuan; Huisan: rush to buy new products, rush to buy a popular steamer D22, get a jsq232-12kn21 gas water heater worth 4240 yuan; Hui Si: Thank you for your feedback. Regular customers buy integrated stoves (except special prices), add 1 yuan to get a kn105 water purifier worth 1680 yuan, add 500 yuan to get a kn9 electric water heater or 10kn8 gas water heater worth 1960 yuan, and add 800 yuan to get a kn-102 mobile water bar worth 5900 yuan; Huiwu: the factory gives gifts. During the activity, you can participate in the lucky lottery with a consumption of more than 3000 yuan, and grab the luxury gift for free once. You can participate in the lucky lottery with a consumption of more than 6000 yuan, and grab the luxury gift for free twice, and so on. The top is not capped

in the rapidly changing market and fierce competition, enterprises want to achieve new heights in the marketing field and occupy high added value in the brand field. The core lies in product innovation and service upgrading. Since its establishment for more than 9 years, Cohen has always been recognized and trusted by consumers and dealers all over the country with excellent product quality and perfect market service. This new product release benefits Cohen appliances in a new preferential way, offering a wave of benefits to consumers all over the country, making your heart move and your action




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