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Security is what people lack most in today's society, and security doors are an important guarantee for home safety. As the outermost defense line of the home, the role of anti-theft door is decisive, so the selection of anti-theft door has become the most important and careful link in home decoration. Nowadays, there are more and more anti-theft door brands in the market. If you investigate the anti-theft door brands in the market, you will find that there are not only the top ten anti-theft door brands, but also many other brands. Some insiders also said that although some enterprises produce anti-theft doors that are very common, or even very general, they still have the top brand name, which also makes consumers have a headache when choosing anti-theft doors, and they don't know what anti-theft doors are good at all. If the top ten ranking of security doors is professional enough, consumers will have much less worry when choosing. Now let's go to understand the top ten brands of security doors

top ten brands of security doors 1 Buyang security door

Buyang group is a large group company specializing in the design, production and sales of pry proof doors, fire doors, advanced protective windows, fully automatic garage doors, electric and steam scooters, and real estate development. The Ministry of construction designated Buyang group as “ Designated production enterprise of anti-theft and fire safety doors &rdquo

top ten brands of security door 2 Panpan anti-theft door

since its establishment, Panpan has adhered to the road of independent innovation, and constantly increased the intensity of original innovation, integrated innovation and introduced innovation. We have successively developed and produced more than 10 kinds of Panpan brand fire doors, steel wooden doors, rolling shutter doors, indoor doors, protective windows, fully automatic garage doors, radiators, color steel sandwich wall panels, steel structures, sound insulation screens, stainless steel kitchenware, more than 100 series of new products, and obtained more than 40 national patents. Panpan trademark is a well-known trademark in China, and the Ministry of Commerce exports famous brand products

top ten brands of anti-theft door 3 Since its registration and establishment in January, 2002, Wangli group has integrated scientific research, design, manufacturing, sales and service. Its business scope covers anti-theft doors, fire doors, garage doors, interior doors, anti-theft locks, protective windows, electric bicycles, scooters, greases, real estate, radiators, Kitchenware and other industries across the five major industries of the national economy. The market share of anti-theft doors and anti-theft locks in the leading industries ranks among the top three in the industry, The comprehensive economic strength of the group ranks first among its peers in the country

top ten brands of security door 4 Qunsheng anti-theft door

Qunsheng was founded in 1989. At present, it has more than a dozen internationally advanced anti-theft door production lines, complete detection means and supporting sophisticated processing equipment, realizing the automation of production and detection, and its anti-theft safety door has a strong market

top ten brands of security doors 5 Spring security door

spring group was founded in 2002. It is a large modern professional enterprise integrating five major industrial chains, with its main business of researching, developing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of high-end security doors, armored doors, solid wood composite doors, steel wood interior doors and wood floors, and has a perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system

top ten brands of security doors 6 Wangjiale anti-theft door

Fuda door industry, the brand manufacturer of wangjiale, is a modern professional company specializing in the research, development and production of high-grade steel doors, non-standard doors and stainless steel non-standard doors, manufacturing and service

top ten brands of security doors 7 Xingyueshen anti-theft door

since its establishment, xingyueshen door industry has made independent innovation, formed its unique advantages in material processing, shape design, facade treatment, etc., and is at the leading level in the industry; Star moon god " Series of anti prying doors have good safety and anti prying performance and convenience in use. The facade is rich and elegant, beautiful and generous, and has a unique decorative style

top ten brands of security doors 8 Fuxin anti-theft door was born in 1999, and its products have expanded from a single anti-theft safety door to many products in the door industry, wood industry, automobile industry, aluminum industry, logistics, solar glass products and other industries; Fuxin safety door won “ Zhejiang famous brand products &rdquo& ldquo; National product quality exemption ” Title

top ten brands of security doors 9 Ouyi anti-theft door

Ouyi was founded in 1992 and has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification. Its products include anti-theft doors, fire doors, indoor doors, steel wood composite doors, honeycomb paper, locks, rubber strips, etc

top ten brands of security doors 10 Meixin burglar proof door

Meixin was founded in 1989. The company is a comprehensive enterprise mainly in the door industry, covering automobile and motorcycle parts, new environmental protection building materials, real estate development and other industrial fields. The door manufacturing products of the group include safety doors, indoor doors, fire doors, rolling shutter doors, garage doors, bulletproof doors and other varieties. It is one of the largest and most complete door production enterprises in China

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