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The Shaoxing Keqiao cutting-edge Film Festival, sponsored by the corona brand, will be held in Keqiao from November 31 to December 2

koloya Keqiao Film Festival

Shaoxing Keqiao cutting edge Film Festival, sponsored by the koloya brand, will be held in Keqiao from November 31 to December 2

the cutting-edge Film Festival is one of the sections of the film venture capital project "cutting edge 100" launched by the Shaoxing Municipal government. As the only brand in the wall fabric industry to sponsor this project, corona is a brand opportunity and new attempt

at that time, the founder of kroya brand, together with the young team of kroya, will jointly dress up for the film festival with many film and television stars

Zhou Dongyu, Du Juan, Jiang Yiyan, Xie Junhao, MI Xue, Xu Jinjiang, Li ruotong, Wu Ruofu

gather nearly half of the Cenozoic and Mesozoic film stars in the domestic film industry

with stars shining and stars gathering, a grand gathering of elites in the wall decoration industry and celebrities in the film industry kicked off

kroya's cooperation with "cutting-edge 100" this time is not only a support for the local film industry, but also a further distillation and improvement of the brand's own originality and artistic concept

and koroya is highly consistent with the "cutting-edge 100" in terms of dreams, beliefs and so on

as a domestic high-end wall fabric brand, kroya has an excellent, professional and young research and development team. The brand has been born for 7 years. It has always adhered to originality, adhered to the control of product artistry, and presented nearly 3000 pieces of high-quality products, striving to create beauty for thousands of families, endow beauty, and realize the dream home for countless people who love family and life

the cutting-edge Film Festival is one of the two major contents of the "cutting-edge 100", a film venture capital project launched by the Shaoxing Municipal Government in 2018. The second is the film support plan

with the strong support of the Shaoxing government, with the unique artistic vision of the project sponsor, this sector spent 3-5 years selecting "100+" film newcomers and shooting 100 cinema films, so as to build a display platform for those film newcomers who pursue film art and innovation and realize their perfect film dream

this is not only the developer of wall static aesthetics, but also the strong cooperation with the creator of film and television dynamic aesthetics, but also the mutual encouragement and support of two excellent young forces full of dreams and impact in chasing dreams

from December 5 to December 7, "gather potential, empower and win-win"

corona 2019 Strategy Conference and annual excellent dealer award ceremony,

countdown 3 days! We invite you to witness the miracle of corona brand

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