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Faced with a wide variety of primer products, do consumers know which primer to match with their own walls

in the face of a wide variety of primer products, do consumers know which primer to match with their own walls? To this end, we collected some puzzles encountered by netizens when choosing primers, and carefully selected three high-quality primers with strong pertinence to help solve the annoying problems of walls

a netizens asked: after being treated with fungicide once, there are still more and more black spots on the wall, and there are places with hairs. If you take off the wallpaper and make the wall again, what should you do

expert answer: for humid areas like Shanghai, we must brush the primer with waterproof and moisture-proof function first, and then brush the emulsion paint, which can prevent mold


recommended product 1: Dulux waterproof primer

Product Description: the advantage of Dulux primer is to prevent “ Water damage ” Caused by the peeling and blooming of the wall. It can be used for new house decoration or old wall renovation. At the same time, the primer can also improve the adhesion of the top coat and the fullness of the paint film, making the decorative effect smoother and glossier

editor's comment: compared with similar products, this primer of Dulux is much cheaper in price. It adopts a unique waterproof formula, “ Specialized in disease and medicine ”, It can completely solve the problem of moldy house walls in humid areas in the South affected by the climate. In general, this product is very affordable, and it is also suitable for the working class to reprocess the wall when they move to their second new house. This product is available in 5L and 15L, and users can choose according to the brushing area

★ primer class

“ Exist ” Is reasonable. Why should we divide top coat and primer? Why does the manufacturer produce primer? Because the effects of the two paints are different, and the topcoat (emulsion paint) does not have the function of primer, it is necessary to produce them separately and use them successively in order to achieve better results. Let's take another look at the role of primer: sealing function, strong adhesion, good recoating, improving the texture of finish paint and saving finish paint

specifically: the function of primer is to close the alkaline wall, especially the cement wall, infiltrate the putty layer, and hold the top coat, putty layer and wall; When painting again next time, there is no need to use primer, which is convenient, time-saving and material saving; In the construction of one bottom and two sides, the primer is not only indispensable, but also 60% or more of the topcoat, which improves the texture of the topcoat on the one hand, and saves the topcoat on the other hand, which really saves the cost





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