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Disney children's furniture

small places start to store flexibly

with the growth of the little owner, there are more and more things, but the small room still maintains an amazing storage capacity. The storage device, which is small and convenient to move, can leave enough space for children's games and entertainment. The customized bookshelves are set on both sides of the window, which not only sets a tone full of childlike fun for the room, but also its embedded design is very suitable for placing bucket cabinets or storage units with sliding doors. The cabinet door is installed with frosted resin glass, which can effectively block the sundries in the cabinet, and can also slide left and right, making it convenient to take and place items. The small revolving wardrobe next to it can accommodate all kinds of dressing supplies needed by girls

easy adjustment of combined furniture

in order to make the room look more spacious and increase the storage space at the same time, the clothes and hats storage cabinet abandons the traditional cabinet door setting, and the wall inside the cabinet is painted with lively green, with white drawers and shelves below, which are fresh and bright. This combined cabinet can also adjust the position of drawers and shelves according to the storage needs. Hanging poles are set at the lower part to hang clothes, and shoes, backpacks, hats and other outdoor supplies can be placed in the small cabinet below, which can be neatly hung on the hook. With these ingenious and easy to adjust storage designs, even parents who are not good at sorting can easily put their baby's daily necessities

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