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with the increasing homogenization competition of door lock products, the era of selling products alone to do sales well is gone forever. In the future, the competition of door lock wholesale must be transformed from how to "sell" products to how to "sell" products

therefore, giving customers "advanced consultation and ideas" and "providing pre-sales services" before selling door lock consumers is the premise of doing a good job in sales. Of course, higher requirements are put forward for door lock salesmen: we should follow the steps to use the brain, and change from using the brain to using the heart

usually, the products sold by most door lock enterprises are homogeneous. Many of our salespeople sell products on the door. As a result, they are very passive by the following reasons for rejection: we already have such products, and we will not add such products; Your products are too expensive compared with other manufacturers, and so on

first of all, we should understand that the bridge between products and customers is salesperson. Therefore, the first step in selling is how to sell your specialty. What you sell is the cognition, ideas and ideas of customers about products and models. Concept is the demand cognition in the customer's mind, and concept is the fact identified by the customer

therefore, the salesperson must understand two questions:

is it easy to sell what the customer wants to buy, or is it easier to sell what he wants to sell

is it easy to change customers' ideas or to cooperate with them

the salesperson can break the situation in the following three ways:

(1) first understand the customer's ideas through looking, smelling, asking, cutting and other methods, and immediately cooperate with his ideas

(2) if customers' ideas are different from ours, we will try to change their ideas

(3) give up temporarily for customers that are difficult to change. We can't expect to satisfy all customers at any time


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