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The air version of "speed and passion" successfully concluded the first world UAV championship in Shenzhen, and the "China knot" circuit created a number of world firsts

Jingbao news (Chen Wei/Wen Laili/Figure) on the evening of November 4, the 2018 World UAV Championship closed at the Shenzhen Longgang Universiade center after the results were announced. After four days of fierce competition to ensure the effectiveness of customers' work, the winners, the runners up and the runners up of the group, the overall group, the youth group and the women's group finally came to each other. A new UAV world record was also born in the 100m straight-line race. At the closing ceremony, hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles lined the sky above the stadium with "jiazhaoye sports congratulation · success of deep foot rush · CSL we are back!" Words, in such a unique way to celebrate the success of Shenzhen football club on November 3

on November 1-4, 128 racing UAV athletes from 34 countries and regions gathered in Pengcheng to fight the first 2018 World UAV championship

after fierce competition in qualification, knockout, qualifying and finals, all the winners, runners up and third runners up of each group were released on the 4th. In the youth group final, huqianti, a 14-year-old Chinese player, won the second place in 105.067 seconds. The Australian UAV national team won the team championship of this world UAV championship, Sweden won the second place, and South Korea won the third place for the stable performance of friction machines. In the 100 meter straight-line race, a new UAV world record was born - Switzerland's Trowbridge Timothy created the world record of the 100 meter straight-line race: 114.238 km/h

representatives of the event organizers Suying, Secretary General of the international aviation Federation, should first remove the remaining debris in the aircraft room. Shanna said: "In the past three years, the UAV movement has achieved rapid development. Since the first large-scale international UAV competition was held in 2016, the UAV industry has grown at an annual scale of 50%, the number of UAV pilots is also growing rapidly, and the number of women and young people participating in this sport is also growing proportionally. These data are very exciting, and also prove that the development momentum of UAV is very considerable."

it is reported that the official designated track - "China knot", independently developed by the Chinese team, has a length of 650 meters, a track level of 3 layers, and a vertical height difference of 6 meters. "China knot" circuit has created a number of world firsts, including the world's first real 3D multi-layer three-dimensional circuit; The world's first track using real-time flight tracking technology; The world's first track with real-time simulation map display function

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