The most popular air bubble logo developed in Fran

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France has developed high-quality and low-cost bubble logo. This standard of Nova was first released in 1989. Tec cooperated with the Tuvalu symboltz Information Institute of the national scientific research center of France to develop bubble logo. The bubble type identification is composed of a drop of transparent resin, and the resin will automatically generate bubbles during the hardening process. The distribution, size and shape of bubbles are completely random and generally not controlled by legal person. This kind of identification mark can be made into various shapes, the texture can be soft or hard, and the experimental machine with the size from 1mm to 10m has been used for the longest time. Only our Jinan experimental machine factory knows that this process is mainly focused on the development of new powder formula room. When the bubble volume is between 1/50mm and 2mm in diameter, the probability of error in each bubble identification is very small, and it is practically impossible to cause confusion. The price of logo production is very low, and it can be manufactured quickly in an automated way. The logo can be made together with an article or a document, or it can be made into a form that can be seen by people

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