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National initiative: hengri airborne hydraulic down the hole drill

national initiative: hengri airborne hydraulic down the hole drill

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on September 16, 2014, at the 11th China ASEAN Expo held in Nanning, hengri launched the latest product: airborne hydraulic down the hole drill wq125. It has attracted the warm attention of customers at home and abroad

wq125 is an innovative product of hengri heavy industry. At present, no similar product has been sold in the market. The drill can be directly connected to the excavator, so that the excavator can immediately become a highly automated rock drill. When drilling is not required, the excavator can be switched back to the excavator within ten minutes after measuring the output

it can be seen from the wq125 parameter table that the drilling hole diameter range of this equipment covers 92mm-152mm, which is the most commonly used blasting hole diameter in domestic quarries at present. However, the drilling depth of automatic rod replacement reaches 36m, which can meet the needs of most blasting operations. Equipped with advanced dust collection system, the phenomenon of dust flying all over the sky will be changed during drilling operation (that is one of the contributors to haze). The drill adopts a computer-controlled intelligent drilling system, which automatically detects the rock drilling conditions during the drilling process and makes timely control and adjustment, greatly reducing the skill requirements and work intensity of the operator. At the same time, due to the auxiliary operation of the computer system, the complex rod changing operation becomes simple and easy, and the rock drilling can be completed only through two handles

it is reported that wq125 adopts hydraulic rotation, medium and high air pressure dynamic impact driving mode. Compared with the full pneumatic drilling rig, the fuel consumption is reduced by%. At the same time, due to the adoption of the automatic rod changing device, the rod changing efficiency is more than twice that of the current domestic mainstream manual rod changing down the hole drill, reducing the comprehensive energy consumption by more than 50%

the launch of this equipment is undoubtedly very good news for domestic small and medium-sized mines and quarrying enterprises. At present, most small and medium-sized mines still use pneumatic down the hole drill with manual rod replacement, which not only consumes high energy, but also has high labor intensity. The problem of environmental pollution is also increasingly concerned by the government. However, if the advanced integrated hydraulic down the hole drill is selected (at present, it mainly imports easily worn products), it is not only expensive, but also very expensive to use. The appearance of hengri heavy industry wq125 undoubtedly gives customers a better choice for cost performance

at the exhibition, along with wq125 airborne hydraulic down the hole drill, there was also hengri heavy industry d89 full hydraulic rock drill jumbo. The equipment uses caterpillar 320d as the chassis, and the drilling hole diameter range. The ABS, pmma/abs, pc/abs high gloss spray free materials developed by the company are 51mm~102mm on the electronic and electrical shell, and the automatic rod changing drilling depth is 21 meters, which can quickly switch the functions of the drill and excavator. Thus, the drilling hole diameter range of hengri drilling rig covers 51mm to 152mm2 Measurement must not pay attention to the average and repeatability, which can meet the needs of customers with different mining scales

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