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Aseli's new I1 professional color management solution goes on sale

applicable to the photography, prepress, publishing and digital printing markets

new color configuration and control tools are sold worldwide, and are dedicated to the end-to-end graphic production process

aseli company (NASDAQ: xrit), the global leader in the field of color management, measurement and communication technology, today announced the official launch of its new I1 professional color management solution. The high-performance solutions listed this time include software, hardware and comparison color cards, which can meet the unique needs of professionals such as photography, prepress and publishing. The prices are favorable and the cost performance is very high

this new solution will be displayed at printchina2011 from April 9 to 13. Please pay attention to the booths designated by aseli: Booth 200 of Dapeng Hall 6, booth 019 of Tianxi Hall 3, and booth 207-1 of jinyinlian Hall 6. Registered customers at the exhibition site can enjoy preferential delivery and upgrade

the new product series includes i1basic pro, i1photo pro, i1publish pro and i1publish (software and color card package). The four software models all adopt the breakthrough i1profiler software technology, which can meet the requirements of different disciplines. Their functions and control capabilities are more powerful, and they can create the highest quality color characteristic description files. At the same time, they are also equipped with a new Pantone color manager color card bridge software. In addition, there is the ColorChecker proof, a new ColorChecker color card for direct visual color evaluation of printed matter, and the ColorChecker camera calibration system

i1basic Pro is a basic solution for high-end display color configuration, display and printing quality inspection, and spot color measurement. I1basic Pro is designed to meet the unique needs of graphics professionals. It is an ideal choice for efficient workflow in color management. 1Basic Pro includes i1profiler software, Pantone color manager software and i1pro spectrophotometer

i1photo Pro is designed for sharp eyed professional photographers to manage RGB workflow from camera to monitor, projector to printer. Thanks to the iterative algorithm of i1profiler software, professional photography users can enjoy the optimal color effect with excellent highlights and dark details, especially higher color accuracy, more neutral gray and more natural skin tone

i1profiler enabled me to successfully create a color characteristic description file at my first attempt. The gradient setting is very accurate and in place, and only a few color codes are used. I1profiler enables me to optimize the color profile for specific graphics or spot colors, and deal with problematic devices, so as to improve the color prediction standard of ICC color profile. I like the new user interface, which is ergonomic, easy to use and gives me more confidence in color fidelity. Fashion photographer Neil Snape said that his studio Neil Snape photography is headquartered in Paris

i1publish (independent software package) and i1publish Pro are top-level multi-functional ICC Color Management solutions, equipped with new verification and confirmation functions using digital standards, which can meet the needs of graphic art professionals to organize and manage the entire RGB, CMYK and cmyk+n (CMYK plus any four spot colors) prepress workflow. The solution includes the display QA function and the printer QA function. The former checks the soft proofing quality according to ISO (G7, swop, PSO, Japanese printing standards) standards, and the latter uses the ISO test guide (idealliance ISO test guide or Fogra Test Guide) to check the print quality

The quality and smoothness provided by the i1profiler are very different from the previous color configuration software. The new i1prism color engine is unparalleled! As a test, we created a color characteristic description file for digital press prints. Take one of the printing presses as an example, measure the 48eci color card, average the measurement results to a CGATS lab file, and then import the file into I1 profiler. We use multiple graphics and synthetic data files to test the output prints. The print contains more than 60 pages of special gradients, all of which conform to the original data color space we use for these printers. The finished products produced by the printing press are impressive, and the color transition is particularly excellent. Andrew Rodney, the digital dog digital graphics consultant, said that his company is mainly engaged in training, consulting and service businesses related to digital imaging, electronic photography, color management and Adobe Photoshop software

iprofiler generates high-quality color characteristic description files, which are unprecedented according to the requirements of policies such as energy saving and new energy vehicle technology roadmap. The i1prism engine has successfully overcome many problems that have plagued the color characterization software for many years, such as CMYK color separation optimization, edge color gamut saturation, natural skin tone and nonlinear tone change correction. After using i1profile, the equipment that can not handle the non-linear hue problem can also work well, and can generate a very smooth Granger rainbow composite map, and only a small number of color codes are used. Even copying black-and-white graphics in the full-color printing workflow, which was very difficult in the past, can now be easily completed, and the effect is more beautiful. The perceptible reproduction of i1profiler can provide excellent edge gamut saturation, natural skin tone and gray balance. I1profiler is an incredible color configuration solution for monitors, projectors and printers, bringing us unprecedented convenience and perfect results. Scott Martin, consultant of onsight color and workflow, commented that the company is engaged in training and consulting business from shooting to printing, aiming to help digital graphics professionals optimize their workflow, improve quality and efficiency

i1photo pro and i1publish Pro include i1profiler software, i1pro spectrophotometer, Pantone color management software, ColorChecker proof color card, mini ColorChecker standard 24 color card and ColorChecker color card passport camera calibration software. I1publish software includes all the above items (except spectrophotometer). Free training for 1-2 operators of the demander

for more information, please visit,, or contact the local office and authorized dealer of aseli

about Ashley

(NASDAQ: xrit) Ashley has now acquired GretagMacbeth and Pantone, becoming a global leader in color science and technology, committed to developing, producing, marketing and supporting innovative color management solutions including color measurement systems, supporting software, color standards and services. With its professional advantages in color creation, selection, measurement, preparation, communication and matching, aseli helps users get the required colors accurately, timely and effectively, realize product optimization and reduce costs. Aseli products are widely used in printing, packaging, photography, design, video, automobile, coating, plastic, textile, dental care, medical and other industries

the company is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, and has regional headquarters and offices in Asia and Europe to provide products and services to customers all over the world

for more information, welcome to visit the company's website: (China), (global)

this product is widely used in metallurgical industry, mechanical processing industry, construction engineering construction industry, engineering construction supervision, technical wood additive supervision and other enterprises

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