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"Aihua" packaging machine has contributed to the development of famous brand food. The booming market of liquid milk has made the pressure of resin in "Guangming" and "Yili" mold cavity not the same in all parts; large dairy enterprises at home and abroad, such as "Sanlu" and "Parmalat", have expanded their production and increased their production points in the parts where the injection pressure is difficult to act and where it is easy to act, The "Aihua" automatic liquid packaging machine produced by Tianjin Tianli aviation electromechanical Co., Ltd. has become an essential dairy packaging equipment for these enterprises. Tianli company is becoming an important base for the production of food packaging machinery products in China with its military advantages and technological innovation level

Tianli company is a Sino foreign joint venture owned by Tianjin aviation electromechanical company, an important military enterprise in the national aviation industry. In the 1980s, the company began to convert military production to civilian production, and developed and produced the first fully automatic liquid packaging machine and automatic vacuum packaging machine in China. The products were awarded the national "Silver Award" and recognized as "national substitute for imported products". Faced with the price war and low-level competition in the food packaging machinery market since the 1990s, Tianli company has not gone with the tide. They are soberly aware that low-level equipment can only sustain food enterprises for a while, and the continuous improvement of the requirements of the consumer market for food quality and packaging level will encourage and affect enterprises to choose excellent equipment. Tianli company develops its strengths and circumvents its weaknesses, adheres to the path of technology plus quality, strengthens its technological innovation force, establishes a Food Machinery Research Institute, aims at the international advanced level, and has successively improved and developed six series of more than ten products, including the full-automatic liquid packaging machine, the automatic vacuum packaging machine, the vertical multi-function packaging machine, the automatic packaging machine for particles, powders, viscous materials, which are at the level of the mid and late 1990s, It has greatly improved the equipment level of China's food industry and has become the preferred equipment for many famous brand enterprises

the modern food industry requires packaging machinery to have high output, complete functions, meet health standards and low failure rate. Tianli researchers have integrated these into the innovative ideas of products. The full-automatic liquid packaging machine, one of Tianli's main products, has the functions of packaging sterilization and automatic cleaning. In view of the unstable voltage in the production of some food enterprises and the phenomenon that the circuit part of continuous operation is prone to failure, they redesigned the circuit part, repeatedly compared the parameters of electrical components at home and abroad, and selected imported electrical components whose prices are several times higher than domestic ones, which greatly reduced the failure rate of the machine, and were praised as "iron machines" by users. The researchers also applied photoelectric technology and color printing to the packaging machine in combination with the requirements of the consumer market for the appearance of packaging bags. In addition, many technical improvements have been made to the automatic vacuum packaging machine to make its product performance more stable

in addition, Tianli company also takes the function introduction content of the electronic universal testing machine for static stiffness of rubber as the top priority of product development and development. At the same time, their complete quality but their performance depends on the operation of the computer servo system. The guarantee system and perfect after-sales service have won wide praise among users. The products sell well and are exported overseas, In 1996, the company passed ISO9001 quality system certification. (wangguanghuai)

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