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The full-automatic water circulation control valve launched by Akron has a service life of up to 20 years

during the market research on the automatic backwash control valve, it was also found that the price of PE and PP made of oil rose due to the rise in the price of oil, while the price of PVC was stable, giving a development opportunity to the plastic wood composite material of PVC basic material. Its quality, material, service performance, waterproof grade, temperature and pressure resistance Corrosion resistance and other aspects can not meet the strict requirements and tests of service conditions, which also directly affect the service life of the control valve

water represents life. 70% of the human body is composed of water. Playing with water is a natural hobby. Water is not only necessary for people's health and life, but also for the development of related agriculture and industry

in recent years, hot springs and spas have been springing up, swimming pools and water parks can be seen everywhere, landscape waterscape makes people linger, and industrial and agricultural water consumption is also increasing. No matter where, no matter when, the demand for water is growing with people's material and spiritual needs

the recycling of water resources has become a challenge for everyone and even the whole mankind.

the demand for water is diverse, and the requirements for water quality are also different. Some water can be drunk directly, while others can only be used for agricultural and industrial needs. With the increasing use and wide use of water resources, the demand for water quality treatment and recycling has become a major challenge for everyone and even the whole mankind

water recycling treatment has also become a concern for the survival and development of everyone and many industries. More than 10 experts in the water treatment industry were investigated, Many experts said to: "the treatment of water circulation is very critical to the assurance of water quality, but water treatment is an overall system engineering, of which the key is the quality of the automatic backwash control valve. The selection of the control valve is related to the normal operation of the water circulation treatment system and directly affects the workload of relevant management personnel."

therefore, many engineering companies, water treatment equipment manufacturers, design institutes or agents attach great importance to the selection of backwash control valves. From design to installation and operation, each link hopes to save time and effort, and adopt water circulation control equipment that ensures quality, economy and reflects full automation

interviewed manager Zhang, the person in charge of a swimming pool hot spring unit. Zhang Jingli Xiang said: "the traditional swimming pool hot spring filtration system requires manual and regular backwashing, and often needs to be equipped with more equipment operators. In addition, some automatic filtration systems have a high failure rate and lack of awesome quality assurance policies. The industry has been looking forward to the emergence of a reliable swimming pool hot spring full-automatic filtration equipment."

Akron has launched a fully automatic filter backwash control valve that leads the industry in a new era, with a service life of up to 20 years.

it is reported that at present, most of the automatic filter backwash control valves are pneumatic valves and The solenoid valve and the automatic control sand cylinder head, however, the operating conditions of these equipment generally exist such adverse factors as high temperature, high pressure, acid-base corrosion, scaling, humid and muggy installation environment, chemical corrosion, poor ventilation and so on. As a result, the equipment has frequent failures and its service life is only years. It needs to be replaced in a very short time, which not only wastes money and manpower, but also causes the front-line maintenance personnel to be tired, affecting the normal operation of the overall system

during the market research on the automatic backwash control valve, it was also found that the quality, material, service performance, waterproof grade, temperature and pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and other aspects of the automatic backwash control valve produced by general manufacturers could not meet the strict requirements and tests of the service conditions, which also directly affected the service life of the control valve. It can be said that at present, there is no equivalent high-quality product in the market that can truly realize full-automatic function, simple operation, low failure rate and long service life. Therefore, it is necessary to configure a large number of professional and full-time personnel. The experimental machine usually adopts hydraulic oil to manage the operation, repeatedly starts and stops manually, and constantly pays attention to the status of the control system. Manual operation is humanized, but the input efficiency and final effect are always unsatisfactory

it is known that most of the previous automatic control valves were made of plastic single head automatic control sand cylinder head or a combination of multiple solenoid valves, electric valves and pneumatic valves. It is called automatic control in the United States. However, it has been widely criticized by traditional operators because of its high failure rate, cumbersome installation, imperfect after-sales service, short service life and other shortcomings. Comparatively speaking, Akron is a professional manufacturer of automatic filter control valves. However, its products are imported from Taiwan and have passed CE, SGS, CSA, UL and other certifications. Unlike the same type of OEM or counterfeit products, Akron automatic backwash control valves have many advantages, such as full automation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, humanization, maintenance free, long service life and so on, It also makes the product stand out in the water treatment industry. Once it is launched, it will win the attention and praise of the industry

the waterproof protection grade of the automatic backwashing control valve is IP67. It is certified to be able to dive for 1 meter. It adopts 316 food grade stainless steel valve body with a pressure resistance of 10bar. Therefore, it can withstand 180 ° C. It can adopt a variety of control modes such as time, pressure difference and flow. It is suitable for various industries requiring automatic water purification treatment and can fully meet the severe test under any adverse working conditions

when interviewing the person in charge of Akron, the person in charge of the company said proudly that "the service life of Akron automatic backwash control valve can reach two decades, that is, 20 years, and the service life is close to 20 times that of the general automatic control valve on the market". Due to its high-quality and efficient automatic water treatment capacity and performance, it basically does not need to allocate too many personnel for management and operation, which will bring about a nearly revolutionary impact and change to the entire industry

more than 10 experts in the water treatment industry interviewed also said that the automatic backwash control valve of Akron company heralds the comprehensive arrival of a new era of water treatment automation, and is truly automatic. These changes are also affecting many industries in China, such as hot springs, spa spa spa, swimming pools, water parks, landscape waterscape, and will also bring greater progress to environmental protection, industrial water use and water-saving aquaculture

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