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In the early 1980s, Ningbo paper mill began to make a big move -- invest 86million yuan, introduce Japanese equipment and technology, and build a production line with an annual output of 34000 tons of coated white paperboard. Ten years later, the white paperboard project was finally completed, which changed the long-term dependence on imports of high-grade paper in China to a certain extent

In 1992, Ningbo whiteboard General Factory established Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Hong Kong Zhongce Investment Co., Ltd

two years later, Singapore Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. participated. In the same year, the construction of the second phase project of white paperboard with an investment of more than 4 billion yuan began. The second phase project introduced advanced automatic control systems from Europe, America and Japan, and world-class paper machines from Germany, Austria and other countries

after two years of construction, the annual production capacity of high-grade white paperboard has reached more than 400000 tons. Zhonghua paper has become the largest professional manufacturer of high-grade white paperboard with the most advanced production equipment and technology in China

while introducing advanced technology and equipment, Zhonghua paper has continued to carry out a number of technical transformation, including large-scale technical transformation of the original design No. 1 machine with an annual output of 34000 tons of white paperboard, so that its annual output capacity has been increased to about 60000 tons

the product has also developed from a single-sided and low-grade white paperboard with gray background and white background to a variety of high-grade and polyurethane building insulation materials standards, including single-sided coated yellow core white paperboard, white core white paperboard, double-sided coated, playing card special paper, coated paperboard, new copper card, anti-counterfeiting paperboard, and has "Jinbei, Jinou, Hanwei" and other provincial and municipal famous products, Among them, the "Jinbei" gray background white board won the National Gold Award, and the double-sided coated playing card paper and the double-sided coated coated paperboard were both rated as the national key new products in 2001, meeting the needs of the printing and packaging industry to change the tension level if the damage is severe

today's Zhonghua paper company has developed into the largest high-grade white paperboard manufacturer in Asia with total assets of 6billion yuan, more than 1600 employees, an area of 570000 square meters and an annual comprehensive production capacity of nearly 500000 tons

last October, the construction of the third phase project of Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd., with an investment of 11.82 billion yuan, began. The project is located in Qingshi plot of Ningbo Development Zone. The plant covers an area of 1.7 square kilometers, with an annual output of 1million tons of various paperboards. The first step of the third phase project is to build a 750000 ton white board project with an investment of 5.28 billion yuan. The project will adopt world-class production technology and equipment, including 8 production lines in the pulping workshop, as well as supporting facilities such as thermal power plant and sewage treatment plant

at present, the third phase of the project is in full swing, and it is expected that the paper will be completed in the second half of 2004

at that time, Zhonghua paper will become the "aircraft carrier" of the domestic industrial paper industry, greatly easing the current contradiction between supply and demand of domestic paperboard products, and will also make Ningbo an important industrial paper production base in Asia

the development focus of the city's paper industry is to accelerate the construction of the third phase project of Zhonghua paper industry, form a paper production capacity with an annual output of 2million tons, strive to reach 5million tons, and maintain Ningbo's position as the largest white board production base in China. At the same time, we will extend the paper industry chain and develop paper products industries such as packaging products and printing products, making Ningbo an important production and sales base of high-grade paper products in China. In addition, while continuing to increase the import of foreign pulp and reduce environmental pollution, Ningbo has made use of the port and convenient comprehensive transportation advantages to increase the import and domestic acquisition of waste paper, making Ningbo an important supply base of paper raw materials in China

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