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On December 12, aipaike held a press conference in Beijing, announcing its successful acquisition of lexmarkinternational, Inc., an internationally renowned printer and software company, and its post merger collaboration plan with Pacific Alliance Investment (PAG) and Junlian capital. So far, this highly anticipated acquisition of China's overseas printers has officially opened a new chapter of coordinated development. On December 12, aipaike held a press conference in Beijing and released the news of its successful acquisition of lexmarkinternational, Inc., an internationally famous brand printer and software company, and the post merger coordination plan with PAG and Junlian capital. So far, this highly anticipated acquisition of China's overseas printers has officially opened a new chapter of coordinated development

it is understood that this acquisition is the largest cross-border M & A in the printing industry, with a transaction amount of US $3.9 billion (about RMB 26billion). The acquisition volume is 2.1 times the amount of Volvo acquired by Geely in 2010 (1.8 billion US dollars); It is more than three times that of Lenovo's acquisition of IBM PC business in 2004 (US $1.25 billion)

as the largest overseas M & A case in China's printing industry, the acquisition of Lexmark by EPEC has attracted wide attention at home and abroad. At the press conference, Wang Dongying, chairman of aipaike, and David Reeder, the new CEO of Lexmark, respectively made detailed explanations on the merger and acquisition, and looked forward to the future coordinated development of the two. Qiaoyueshan, deputy director of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Yu Jian, deputy director of the innovation and Development Department of the Ministry of science and technology, chenyuehua, deputy director of the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, he Yemin, vice mayor of Zhuhai City, Zhang Qiang, vice president of the head office of China CITIC Bank, yanxiaolang, member of the national integrated circuit industry development advisory committee, and Sunjinfang, the sixth consecutive champion of the Chinese women's volleyball team, attended and delivered speeches. Business people, partners of aipaike and Lexmark, and people from the media gathered here. The guests at the meeting said that the cooperation between aipaike and Lexmark has expanded the imagination space for the future development of the global printing industry, and the $130billion printer market has welcomed strong new competitors

at the press conference, wangdongying summarized the complementary advantages and perfect combination of aiparker and Lexmark with the word "perfect combination". It is understood that, as the first manufacturer of compatible consumables and consumable parts in the international market, aipaike and its affiliated enterprise bentu technology have been committed to the R & D and manufacturing of laser printers with independent intellectual property rights for many years. It is the only printer manufacturer with independent core technology in China. It has many advantages in products, technologies, patents, costs, industrial policies, etc. Lexmark is one of the top five laser printer manufacturers in the world. It is also recognized as a leading enterprise in the fields of printing imaging solutions, enterprise software, hardware and services. It has a world-renowned high-end brand. Its core advantage is its strong technical ability. It is an industry-leading printing solution provider. Its customers cover global multinational enterprises, including large users in the financial industry, logistics industry and health care industry. At present, Lexmark has more than 2000 patented technologies, rich international business experience in the field of medium - and high-end printers and printing consumables, and its business covers more than 170 countries

Wang's total global negative electrode material shipment is 110800 tons. Dongying pointed out that after the merger, EPEC and Lexmark are expected to cooperate in product production, sales channels, cost control, etc. In terms of products, at present, Lexmark has more than 35 pages of medium and high-end products, which complement the bentu, which focuses on medium and low-end product lines. After the acquisition, the two sides are expected to jointly build a full range of product lines covering high, medium and low-end printing products, which greatly saves both sides' R & D time and costs; In terms of sales channels, at present, Lexmark's dominant market is in Europe and the United States, while Bento has established a strong channel and customer base in developing countries, and the cooperation between the two sides is expected to quickly open the global sales network; In terms of cost control, after the integration is completed, the bargaining power of both parties in the supply chain will be greatly enhanced. Large scale production and EPEC's technology accumulation in consumable parts will help to reduce production costs

David Reeder, CEO of Lexmark, also expressed his expectation to develop together with aipaike and inject new value into Lexmark. The new investor will provide full 7) tst2dat financial support for the development of the company and provide more benefits and opportunities for customers. In the future, Lexmark will continue to adhere to its core values such as technology, quality and customized services, continue to consolidate and strengthen its leading position in the European and American markets, and actively explore the markets of emerging countries including China

leverage the 100 billion level printing market with customized services

the global printer market has a huge scale, with a scale of more than 130billion US dollars, of which the laser printer market has contributed 80billion US dollars. Through the acquisition of Lexmark this time, aipaike has a full line of laser printer products and technologies, preparing for the competition in the global printing market

at the meeting, aipaike and Lexmark jointly released the post merger collaborative development plan. The plan shows that after the merger, Lexmark's production and raw material procurement will be partially transferred to China to optimize the industrial chain and cost. The two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation around the adjustment of product sequence, the optimization of product structure and the linkage of Asia Pacific and even global sales networks. In addition, the development space of the Chinese market is a great highlight. Lexmark's high-quality products and services will fully enter the Chinese market and serve Chinese consumers

professor yanxiaolang, Professor of Zhejiang University, doctoral supervisor, and leader of the expert group for the construction of the national demonstration microelectronics college, pointed out that another great advantage of this merger is the redefinition of the service mode of the printing industry. It is understood that the current printing market still continues the traditional universal solutions, but from the perspective of the development of users' needs, this traditional model has been unable to meet the personalized and professional use needs of users. Bentu and Lexmark are the advocates of personalized customized printing services. One of the advantages of bentu is that it can jointly define products with customers to efficiently meet special needs. At present, bentu has launched printers for special industries such as ID card machines, special financial machines and medical machines. Lexmark has a leading position in MPS, a mature industry and rich experience in high-end customer service. The combination of Bento and Lexmark is expected to set off a new trend of customized services in the printing industry

the participants said that the current international printer industry is a giant game, and the underachievers face high patent barriers. The market expects new competitors to bring new opportunities. Lexmark + Bento era will surely launch products and services that are more in line with market demand, providing more and better choices for print users at different levels and with different needs


EPEC completed the acquisition of SCC in the United States, becoming the world's largest supplier of general printing consumables and components

based on the technical advantages of consumables and chips, wangdongying began to march into the printer field. Wang Dongying and the enterprises behind him have gone through a hell of a process from the field of consumables with good profits and low technical difficulty to the field of printers with high investment, high technology, high risk and long payback period. At the end of 2010, Bento technology released the first independently developed laser printer in the Great Hall of the people for the first time, marking China's breakthrough in laser printers

wangdongying said at the press conference that if I can summarize the development of aipaike, "Wardle explained that the exhibition history, I think it is a history of technological innovation and daring to fight. Our team is relying on the spirit of integrity, courage, steadiness, diligence, innovation and perseverance to promote the steady and rapid development of the enterprise

in recent years, with the continuous economic development and the gradual enhancement of the operating strength of Chinese enterprises, it has become one of the common investment methods for Chinese enterprises to acquire assets, technologies, brands, customers, markets and other resources through overseas mergers and acquisitions and participate in international competition

according to the data of the Ministry of Commerce, in the first three quarters of this year, Chinese enterprises implemented 521 overseas M & A projects, with an actual transaction amount of US $67.44 billion, involving 18 industry categories. This figure far exceeded the total amount of overseas M & A transactions of US $54.44 billion last year, raising China's share in global M & A transactions to 30%, surpassing the United States as the largest acquirer of cross-border M & A in the world for the first time. Among them, private enterprises completed nearly 449 overseas M & A transactions in the first three quarters of 2016, which is nearly five times that of state-owned enterprises. However, the M & a industry whose equipment itself is unable to produce test results has also expanded from the original resources and energy targets to infrastructure, health care, consumer goods, agriculture, real estate, finance, culture and education and other industries and fields. Among them, there were 81 mergers and acquisitions in the information transmission, software and information technology services industries, with a value of US $15.48 billion

industry experts pointed out that, like many overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises in recent years, aipaike's acquisition still follows the idea of first introducing foreign products into the Chinese market, and then using the potential of the Chinese market to realize the transformation of enterprises from low-cost strategy to high-end strategy. From the point of time of M & A, the M & A of the two coincides with the time. At present, Lexmark has been operating in developed economies all over the world for many years and has a very mature industry pattern and business model. However, Lexmark focuses on the medium and high-end market and lacks the ability to dig deep into the low-end market; In addition to its own technology accumulation, EPEC acquired SCC, a world-famous printing consumables manufacturer, and loaded the relevant assets of the shareholder Seine consumables last year, greatly improving its integration and operation ability in the printing industry chain. In this M & A, the two companies are not simply different in their strengths and weaknesses. From the manufacturing of complete machines, to the production of ink cartridges, inks, toner cartridges and other consumables, to the research and development of chips with the highest technical content and the greatest difficulty, aipec and Lexmark have the advantages of the whole industry chain that others cannot match

wangdongying and David Reeder also said at the meeting that the completion of the delivery is only the first step. In the future, the two sides will focus on the orderly integration of the enterprise operation and culture of the M & A parties. At present, aipaike has set up a special working group to connect with Lexmark, and fully considered the differences in corporate culture and management concepts between the two sides in the process of designing the management mechanism. In the follow-up, it will explore the coordinated development of business, channel and operation management between the two sides. Strive to truly realize the combination of strong and strong, give full play to the synergy advantages in technology research and development and marketing channels, create the starting point for a new round of performance growth of the company, and reshape the pattern of the global office printing industry

EPEC's merger and acquisition of Lexmark jointly pointed to the 100 billion yuan printing market, which was organized and released by the electromechanical industry. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source of the article. For more industry information, please click attention: electromechanical industry

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