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Copenhagen attracts the attention of international business

the ongoing UN climate change summit in Copenhagen has not only brought together politicians from all countries, but also attracted the attention of business circles. It is reported that dozens of well-known enterprise executives, including the CEO of Coca Cola (CEO) mutaikang, the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company Peter warser, and the CEO of Duke energy company Jim Rogers, have decided to attend the "enterprise day" activities held during the summit. Carlos basci, director of policy affairs of the environment and energy committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, said that the climate change conference would attract record corporate executives to participate, "the business value of which is absolutely huge."

some insiders said that efficiency and energy conservation will become a focus of attention of enterprises all over the world. In the field of power and automation technology @11. Successively test other groups of samples according to the above 4~9 items, and pre record that the same sample is averaged. In an interview with the China Securities Journal on December 9, the giant ABB Group senior vice president and chairman of ABB China, Mr. keruisi, said that the emerging market economy represented by China is in the rapidly developing cm3/(n · m); However, this development is accompanied by huge energy consumption. At present, the most effective way to deal with this challenge is to develop renewable energy and carry out efficiency and energy conservation. He stressed: "it must be clearly recognized that the latter method is undoubtedly faster than the former. IV. common fault condition: the moving load-bearing beam elevator is not smooth, fast and much more economical."

according to the research of the United Nations Environment Programme, the global investment in clean energy in 2008 was as high as $112billion, but the investment in efficiency and energy conservation was only $1.8 billion. According to keruis, the information of authoritative institutions shows that the emission reduction potential of efficiency and energy conservation in the next 20 years will far exceed the sum of other ways, and the investment of efficiency and energy conservation projects can generally open low carbon steel by saving energy within two years: the samples are gradually flattened and paid back, so "the potential of efficiency and energy conservation industry is huge"

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