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COPC Lean Six Sigma Application Training in the contact center is about to start in Beijing

participate in Lean Six Sigma Application Training in the contact center

improve your customer experience operation management

if you want to learn proven effective improvement driving methods for contact centers, outsourcing service centers or other customer experience operation organizations, COPC Lean Six Sigma Application Training Course in the contact center will be your best choice

why is this course unique:

Lean Six Sigma techniques will be applied directly to your company's own data, so that the course can immediately generate value for your operating organization's customer satisfaction, revenue improvement and cost savings

through learning practical cases targeted to customers' operating organizations or outsourcing environments, You will get the methods that can be directly applied in your actual operation environment

the materials that our consultants are applying to our consulting clients, and you will also get

in the training. This course includes 3.5 days of training, classroom interaction and 0.5 days of examination. Students who obtain 90% or more in the exam will obtain COPC Six Sigma yellow belt certification for the contact center industry

basic skills and technical requirements:

participants learned from the mechanics of materials that students need to carry a laptop computer and install MS Excel 2000 (or newer version), and the system can be WindowsNT, 2000, XP, vista, windows8 or newer version. COPC Inc. will provide each trainee with six sigma analysis software that can be used on your computer on the first day of the training

participants need to collect and carry the operation data of their own contact center. Due to the confidentiality requirements of your company, these data may need to be treated confidentially

participants must have basic Excel skills, including:

1 Import data from a document

2 Run basic mathematical calculations: for example, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division operations

3 Use the formula: for example, sum

4 Create a basic chart

2017 COPC China open class training plan

for registration consultation, please contact

Dorothy Cheng

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email: dcheng@

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