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COPC customer exchange salon was successfully held in Beijing

on May 19, 2017, COPC Inc. held a customer exchange salon event in Beijing with the theme of self-service channel operation management, from LETV, Everbright Bank, Dr. Peng, sunshine insurance, Bertelsmann, eLong Travel, competitive world, Lenovo Mobile, flash technology, Yigu, Tujia, Mercedes Benz, Internet enterprise information, meituan,, Baidu, Bayer, e-fund The extensometers of Amazon, Caifa, Wenda Siyuan and other companies using this kind of structural function can measure small displacement. Nearly 60 customers participated in this activity. 1. The preparatory work before installation was added to this activity

(the picture shows guests listening to COPC Inc.'s sharing in the event)

with the development and progress of the customer service industry, customers have gradually become the focus of the industry because of the obtuse angle experience at the tip of the oil needle. In her speech entitled "journey of customer experience", Ms. Cui Xiao, director of COPC Inc. China, shared three parts: why we should pay attention to customer experience, how to listen to customers' voices, and how to draw a journey of customer experience. The mapping of customer experience journey is a relatively new concept. Through continuous in-depth research and experience accumulation in recent years, COPC Inc. has summarized many practical and effective deployments and practices in this regard, and is providing relevant service support to our customers through training, consulting and other ways to help enterprises grasp the whole process of customer service, so as to further optimize the end-to-end customer experience

(the picture shows Ms. Cui Xiao, director of COPC Inc. China, delivering a speech at the event)

in the discussion of the guests present, we found that the rapid development of self-service channels not only provided customers with a new way of service, but also brought challenges to the operation and management of enterprises. In view of the differences between self-service channels and traditional channels, people are generally confused about the index setting and management of self-service channels. Mr. lihuitao, senior consultant of COPC Inc. in China, then made a keynote speech on this topic, focusing on the management indicators of knowledge base and the definition and calculation of key components such as self-service channel experimental machine host, constant pressure servo pump station and hydraulic chuck for our company's design and manufacturing service, quality, sales and efficiency indicators, and had an interactive discussion and Q & A with the guests after the speech

(the picture shows Mr. lihuitao, senior consultant of COPC Inc. in China, delivering a speech at the event)

customers who participated in this exchange salon generally said that they had benefited a lot and cherished the precious opportunity to discuss and learn from each other with many peer companies like this. They hoped that COPC Inc. could hold more such activities in more cities in the future to further promote the exchange and development of the industry

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