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On November 12, Oracle announced its cooperation with Tencent cloud to jointly provide Oracle Enterprise Level cloud computing services for Chinese enterprises. Through the cooperation with Tencent cloud, Oracle will introduce its enterprise level cloud service solutions to China, and the two sides will also realize the integration and joint innovation of Oracle Enterprise Cloud computing products and Tencent cloud public cloud computing services. The scope of cloud services provided by the two sides will be limited to China, but will fully cover SaaS, PAAS and IAAs three-tier cloud services. Previously, Oracle had 19 data centers around the world

the dust has settled in the local data center of the cooperation between Oracle and Tencent cloud

this news is to further promote the development and innovative technology utilization of the key technologies of lightweight plastic parts of China's own brand cars. At the Jiaguwen cloud technology application conference held today, Oracle requested to remove the oil collector and add a gasket between the oil collector and the pump body The non-ferrous metal industry in China as a whole is at the middle and low end of the international industrial chain division of labor. Lo? C Le guisquet announced that he believes that the reason for choosing Tencent is that this partner is innovative and can manage huge clouds and massive transactions, and we use it every day. He also said: we are very excited about our cooperation with Tencent cloud. This cooperation can better bring Oracle's unique advantages in the field of cloud computing to China, help Chinese customers bring their businesses to the market faster, enhance cloud agility, accelerate the pace of innovation, and reduce it costs

Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice president of Tencent and President of Tencent social networking business group, said: we hope that through cooperation with Oracle, we can further enhance the service capacity of Tencent cloud, expand the scope of services, fully understand, respect and support customers' choices, and protect customers' investment in software infrastructure by building a truly open and inclusive cloud ecosystem

in fact, as early as Oracle's comprehensive transformation to the cloud, domestic media have paid great attention to how it seeks partners locally to deploy and operate data centers. With Oracle cloud's business in China getting better and better recently, this matter may have to be put on the agenda. In the field of SaaS, Oracle's goal is to achieve No.1 in China's SaaS market by 2019. At present, SaaS business in China has achieved three digit growth every year and three digit year-on-year growth

as for what this cooperation will bring to Tencent cloud, it seems that Oracle's strong influence in the enterprise market and its ability to deploy enterprise level cloud services are relatively scarce genes for Tencent cloud

the memorandum of understanding on cooperation signed by both sides reflects the high consensus reached by the two companies on this cooperation. Oracle and Tencent will set up a cooperation committee for this purpose, which will be jointly composed of senior executives of both sides. Regular meetings will be held to jointly discuss relevant operational matters

at present, the Chinese government is actively promoting the Internet + policy, We hope to build a highly developed interconnection foundation switch hook "We are testing the architecture to promote the integration of manufacturing, business and mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and IOT, so as to comprehensively improve industrial productivity and innovation speed. Tencent is an active advocate and practitioner of Internet + and helps all industries implement Internet + with its rich interconnection, cloud computing and big data service capabilities. This memorandum of understanding covers a complete Oracle cloud service solution, which will make a difference Large scale Chinese enterprises can better take advantage of the advantages and agility of cloud computing to achieve business transformation and create core competitive advantages

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