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Join hands with new partner Polycom to point to the industry's top cooperation ecosystem

join hands with new partner Polycom to point to the industry's top cooperation ecosystem

--polycom is committed to expanding its market territory in Greater China, Strong demand for product business

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Polycom, the leader of the global unified communication and collaboration industry, recently signed agreements with Changhong Jiahua Information Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changhong Jiahua) and Beijing Tongtian Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tongtian Technology), Two local well-known distributors, which are outstanding in their respective fields, will be incorporated into Polycom as the general agent. In the future, Polycom will lead two new partners to forge ahead from all levels of channel sales, program promotion, service support, etc., continue to build an ecosystem of top partners in the industry, continue to explore and innovate in the fields of unified communications, cloud media and IOT, and benefit more local users with industry-leading high-quality products and solutions

in recent years, Polycom has long been committed to promoting and leading the development of collaborative operations in Greater China, helping enterprises give full play to the power of human collaboration, and building top market collaboration solutions required by Chinese enterprises. Polycom's audio and video collaboration solutions have become an important part of the business growth drive in the region. So far, more than 400000 companies and institutions around the world have deployed Polycom's safe and reliable video, audio and content sharing solutions to improve productivity, accelerate product launch, provide better customer service, promote education popularization and save more lives. Together with its global partner ecosystem, Polycom provides customers with collaborative solutions that can be flexibly applied in any environment, achieving the best user experience, the widest range of multi vendor interoperability, and unmatched investment protection

with the strong support of national policies for entrepreneurship and innovation, small and medium-sized enterprises are experiencing vigorous development. Reducing office costs and improving team communication and collaboration efficiency are the growing hard needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Polycom has effectively met the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises to promote the efficiency of management and operation, so as to improve the core competitiveness of putting paper packaging or cartons in excess through leading and constantly innovating audio and video communication products and convenient and efficient solutions. Changhong Jiahua, the new general manager of Polycom, is a top domestic service provider in the field of product distribution, with strong technology, resource integration and service capabilities. With its years of accumulation and profound channel sales experience, Polycom can directly reach front-line customer groups, get detailed and fast customer feedback, and understand the customer experience. The cooperation between the two will make Polycom, which has the top technology and solutions in the market, even stronger, and provide a deeper channel to better serve Chinese users. As a Hong Kong listed company controlled by a state-owned enterprise, Changhong Jiahua is the most innovative and fastest-growing domestic well-known distribution service provider in the industry. It is also the general agent of many internationally renowned products and solutions in China

for this cooperation with Polycom, Mr. Zhu Jianqiu, President of Changhong Jiahua, said: Polycom is a global leading enterprise providing unified communication and collaboration industry solutions. Changhong Jiahua is a leading IT distribution service provider in China, and strong cooperation has complementary advantages and mutual promotion. Changhong Jiahua has been working in the unified communication market for many years. In addition to its rich channel network, efficient operation platform and logistics system, it also has a strong technology research and development and service support team, which can provide application development support and integrated customized development services for partners. Changhong Jiahua has always adhered to the core business philosophy of being a good partner to help grow and support success, and hopes to help Polycom better explore the domestic market through our efforts and with our advantages

with the rapid development of the mobile Internet information age, cloud video will promote the development of light composite materials required for clean energy products, and the market will show a blue ocean. In recent years, with a high degree of foresight, Polycom has taken the lead in going deep into vertical fields such as medical treatment, education, remote intelligent collaboration and so on. As one of the most influential it integrated service solution providers in China, after joining Polycom's industry ecosystem, Tongtian technology will combine its advantages in integrating business in multiple fields to assist Polycom in deep blue market in vertical fields such as education, security and medical industry, and deeply combine Polycom's leading technology and solutions with the actual needs of users in these fields to help them develop better and faster. In 2015, Tongtian technology, a new generation of high-tech enterprise recognized by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, received capital injection from Beijing tianrongxinluo Security Technology Co., Ltd. Polycom, which has always attached importance to information security, will rely on Tongtian technology's leading position in China's information security technology product research and development, production and service, develop integrated solutions suitable for local customers' needs, and constantly improve customers' awareness of security services to ensure safety Stable products and services continue to win the trust of local customers

Mr. Zhang Haishi, general manager of Beijing Tongtian Technology Co., Ltd., has high expectations for cooperation. It is convenient to use: enterprises and institutions use pol's annual port output of about 5billion ycom solutions to collaborate, and can have face-to-face talks without location restrictions, so as to establish more effective cooperation with colleagues, partners, customers, experts and potential customers. Polycom video collaboration is therefore regarded as a key solution, which can remove the obstacles of distance and time, connect experts to where they are most needed, and create more trust and understanding through visual connections. After nearly 20 years of development, Beijing Tongtian Technology Co., Ltd. has become a pioneer in providing communication and interconnection engineering solutions in the domestic market, integrating international advanced technology and focusing on industry solutions. This time, as the general agent of Polycom, the two sides will conduct extensive cooperation in resource development, technical exchange and other aspects to seek strong alliances

for a long time, Polycom has been deeply rooted in the needs of localized customers, adhered to R & D and innovation, and won the affirmation and trust of partners and users in the Chinese market. In the past 20 years since entering the Chinese market, Polycom has made new breakthroughs in its team and business model in the highly competitive market environment in order to provide users with perfect, convenient and efficient solutions and services. Polycom and many excellent domestic partners work together to build an open, standard and inclusive partner ecosystem based on Polycom's globally leading collaboration technology, leading the sustainable progress and development of UC C industry

for the new agent signed this time, Mr. Li Jinshui, President of Polycom Greater China, said: with the addition of fresh blood, Polycom has further improved the layout of sales and service channel system, and has also built a top ecosystem in the industry in the domestic market. As the industry leader, this also means higher. I believe that through sincere cooperation between the two sides, Polycom will work with partners to build a top-level ecosystem in the industry at a new starting point and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results

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