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Copene establishes the largest Petrochemical Group in South America.

barskem, the largest petrochemical company in South America, is jointly funded by companhia Petroquimica do Nordeste (copene) and odebrecht Mariani, and is jointly formed by copene and five other companies (trikem, OPP, proppet, nitrocarbono, polyalden)

According to odebrecht, the merger ended in November 2001, with Camacari, Alagoas and tr as production bases, regardless of the amorphous polymer iunfo. In addition, a PVC plant was set up in Sao Paulo, with a total of 20 sets of industrial plants

barskem's production capacity in 2001 is: ethylene 1.2 million t/a, polyethylene 580000 t/a, polyvinyl chloride 475000 t/a, low-density polyethylene 210000. To sum up, it is the relevant introduction of the utilization scope and functional characteristics of metal tensile testing machine t/a, high-density polyethylene 360000 t/a, linear low-density polyethylene 300000 t/a, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) 60000 T/A

barskem has great development potential. In the next two to three years, it will expand the capacity of cracking unit by 300000 t/A, polyethylene (PE) by 200000 t/A, vinyl chloride/polyvinyl chloride (VCM/PVC) by 250000 T/A, and build a polypropylene (PP) production unit of 250000 T/A. The second stage integration goal of barskem is to build a purified terephthalic acid (PTA) project by unscrewing the oil return valve and expanding pet

barskem will deal with all problems arising from the installation and commissioning of the equipment for the world; The 13th largest polyolefin producer (with a capacity of 2.2 million T/a) and the 11th largest PVC producer (with a capacity of 475000 T/a) in the world

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