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What is active marketing of call center

at present, there are many misunderstandings about what is active marketing in the market, especially in enterprises with call centers. Managers are always considering how to turn the call center from the cost center to the profit center. Finally, they finally found a lifesaving straw for active marketing. So is their idea right or not? Does it meet the needs of the market? Should the call center complete the above transformation

in fact, it is a boring topic to discuss whether the call center is a cost center or a profit center. For example, I work in marketing, but I don't directly generate sales. Do you think I play a cost role or a profit role? Another example is the financial department of an enterprise. Is it a cost department or a profit department

enterprises are profit-making organizations. If the call center is a cost center, can this department be dissolved? Of course, no enterprises do that. Are all the call centers of enterprises profit centers at present? The answer is certainly negative

what is a call center? Is he neither a cost center nor a profit center? Let's see what call centers are doing. I'm afraid most of them are consultation and acceptance. Of course, some are marketing. If the consultation is handled well, the satisfaction and loyalty of customers will be improved, which will certainly bring benefits to the company in the end. In addition, a lot of market information can be collected to provide a basis for decision-making. Not to mention the call center of marketing. So many enterprises are happy to establish call centers

active marketing is indeed very important for call centers

then what is the initiative to help "made in China 2025" marketing? Many people think that changing incoming calls to outgoing calls is active marketing? Playing as many as possible is active marketing

in fact, the following is a brief introduction to the precautions in the use of the lower pendulum impact testing machine: far from that, I understand that active marketing should be a conscious initiative. With this awareness of active marketing, you can carry out active marketing whether you are doing incoming or outgoing business

there was once a case in which a friend of mine did an experiment. The output results can be set arbitrarily: the maximum force value and elongation. A credit card. Because of some unpleasant experiences in use, he called the call center of the bank and asked to return the card. The person handled it very quickly. Another friend also had the same experience (of course, another one). After calling, the customer service representative asked the reason and actively helped him solve the problem of shrinking material quality. In the end, he not only didn't return the card, but also customized another credit card

in this way, everyone knows the importance of active marketing awareness. In fact, no matter what kind of service you do, call in business or call out business, as long as you establish this awareness of active marketing, there will be opportunities to directly create profits for the company. Therefore, active marketing does not lie in call in and call out, as long as you have this awareness of active marketing, Even when chatting with friends, there will be opportunities to make profits

therefore, active marketing is a kind of consciousness, and it also requires the company to match the corresponding incentive and training system, rather than just a change in external form

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