The hottest epichlorohydrin market slowly weakened

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The market of epichlorohydrin weakened slowly

although the external price was high, and the contract price of domestic manufacturers remained stable and the shipment was smooth in March, due to the downturn of the downstream epoxy resin market and the cold demand, the market transactions of epichlorohydrin were still rare. At the same time, some imported goods sources entered the market recently, which made the market slowly weaken and showed signs of decline. Yesterday (March 9), the mainstream quotation of imported goods in East China was 19800 ~ 20000 yuan/ton, and the transaction price was 19800 ~ 19. With the all-round efforts of our Jinan experimental machine factory team, the transaction price of domestic goods was 19600 ~ 19700 yuan/ton (including local freight)

yesterday (March 9), the market in East China, the mainstream market of epichlorohydrin in China, was flat, and the market transactions were cold. The downstream epoxy resin manufacturers received goods negatively due to the unsatisfactory operation situation. Some traders believed that consolidation was the main trend in the future. Huangshan area, where solid epoxy resin production enterprises are concentrated, is a window for the industry to observe the epoxy resin raw material market. On the same day, the mainstream transaction in this area was 19800 ~ 20000 yuan/ton (including freight, and the high-end is the acceptance price). The downstream manufacturers have limited receiving capacity and the market transaction situation is general. According to market participants, at present, the local solid epoxy resin market is weak. Due to the high cost pressure, the manufacturers generally lack the start-up of devices, and the intention of receiving goods is not high. The ex factory price of 604 epoxy resin is 18600 ~ 18800 yuan/ton, and the shipment is average. At present, the ex factory price of epichlorohydrin of Qilu Petrochemical is 19700 ~ 19800 yuan/ton (including freight), which remains stable. The 30000 ton/year unit operates normally, with low inventory and good sales; The ex factory price of Tianjin chemical industry is 19600 ~ 19700 yuan/ton, which remains stable. The 28000 ton/year unit operates normally, the inventory is not high, the sales are good, and the sales are mainly contract customers; Baling Petrochemical's ex factory price has the advantages of high precision, wide speed regulation range, compact structure, convenient operation, stable performance and so on. It is 19500 ~ 19600 yuan/ton, which remains stable. The density of 2400 rigid polyurethane foam is less than 0 ton/year. The production of the device is normal, and most of the products are for self-use, with small export sales, and good sales

epichlorohydrin outer disk market continues to maintain a high level. This week 2 (March 7), the import barrel loading valuation stabilized at US $1920 ~ 1940/ton (CFR China's main port), the manufacturers' intention to offer barrel loading in March was US $1950 ~ 1970/ton (CFR China's main port), and the buyers' intention from traders insisted on below US $1900 folding smartphone concept map/ton (CFR China's main port). It is understood that a local manufacturer's barreled cargo is about US $1970/ton (CFR CMP), and the dealer said that the price is higher than its acceptable psychological line, so continue to discuss and hold steady. Recently, the domestic market of epoxy resin has weakened. Although the import market is calm, it is sluggish and surging secretly. Some importers report difficulties in shipping. At present, the transaction price of the leading product E-51 in East China is about 24000 yuan/ton for domestic goods (there is a decline of yuan/ton in batch transactions), 24800 ~ 25000 yuan/ton for imported goods from South Asia in Taiwan and 26500 yuan/ton for Dow in the United States, It is reported that Dow has decided to comprehensively raise the price of epoxy resin in Europe, Africa, Japan and India from April 1

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