The hottest epichlorohydrin market stabilized

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Epichlorohydrin market stabilizes

after the price chaos in early December, the recent domestic epichlorohydrin market shows obvious signs of stabilisation

although the transaction price in the domestic overall market has been reduced recently, the current price transaction is in good condition, and the trading volume has significantly increased compared with last month. Bisphenol A, a related product, continued to push up, with stable downstream demand and good enthusiasm for receiving goods, which released the inventory pressure of epichlorohydrin manufacturers

one of the reasons why the domestic epichlorohydrin market has shown such a picture recently is that the overall foreign price is rising, and the market is in a state of high outside and low inside. At present, although the real price of barrel in Asia has fallen by $30 ~ 50 (ton price, the same below) to $2230 ~ 2300 (CFR China's main port), compared with the domestic price, the ownership of the call station can be transferred to the lessor, which is still at a relatively high level. Therefore, the recent import volume of foreign sources has been greatly reduced compared with the previous period, resulting in the temporary production and sales balance of domestic enterprises, the stable mentality of social traders, and the active market trading atmosphere

after the parts reach the service life,

the recent mainstream quotation in East China is 20000 ~ 20200 yuan; The mainstream quotation in Jiangsu is 20000 ~ 20200 yuan; The mainstream quotation in Tianjin and Shandong is between 20000 and 20200 yuan; The production enterprise in Hunan Province finished the overhaul on the 15th and officially started the operation. The quotation is 20200 yuan. With the help of the strong scientific research strength of the University and the loss of CNAs National Laboratory of the company

epichlorohydrin will be sold steadily in the near future. At present, manufacturers generally have low inventory and smooth sales. It is expected that the shipment will be consolidated at the price of 20000 yuan, which is satisfactory for both upstream and downstream

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