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The epidemic heats up the largest financing of the unmanned mine track by the unmanned huituo

the epidemic heats up the largest financing of the unmanned mine track by the unmanned huituo

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"the sudden epidemic is not only a test, but also a chance and turning point for the transformation, upgrading and upgrading of the industry." Said Dr. Chen long, CEO of huituo. During the epidemic, many start-ups fell into the dilemma of tight cash flow, but there are also some new outlets favored by capital, and the unmanned industry is one of them

as the leader of "unmanned smart mines", huituo not only completed the first overall solution for unmanned mines in China in September 2019 and put them into commercial operation in the mining area, but also recently announced the completion of A2 round of financing, with a total amount of more than 100 million yuan, which is a new financing entry after the A1 round of financing in July 2019. So far, the total amount of huituo a-round financing has exceeded 200 million, which is also the largest single round financing in the field of unmanned transportation in the mining area so far. During the period of driverless capital trough, huituo completed two rounds of financing within half a year, and still maintained the lead of the track

high technical barrier + complete product line = promising "Blue Ocean Reaper"

this time, huituo's A2 round of financing is led by the automobile fund under Kaihui fund, followed by Shandong Haichuang Qianfeng new and old kinetic energy conversion master fund, old shareholders and capital, and hanergy venture capital. Hanergy continues to serve as the exclusive financial adviser. Financing is mainly used for the production, platform and systematization of the overall solution of unmanned mines, promoting the implementation of the unmanned solution of "coal mines" and promoting the mass production and delivery of unmanned equipment in mines

before the new round of financing, huituo obtained the angel round financing of guokejia and leading investment, and announced in July last year that it obtained the A1 round financing, which was led by Saifu investment fund, and followed by Fanghe capital and hanergy venture capital with a 20 displacement rate control range (mm/min) of 0.5 (5) 0. After putting forward the carbonization layer theory, fire performance theory and inorganic organic hybrid reaction theory of fire control at the source to the A2 round of financing, the total amount of the company's round a financing exceeded 200million yuan

under the double pressure of capital winter and epidemic, how can huituo break out of the siege and attract the favor of capital

the Kaihui auto fund, which led the investment this time, is subordinate to Kaihui fund, and pays special attention to investing in enterprises with development prospects and potential in the hard technology industry. Kaihui fund is a private equity investment platform for global cross-border investment, with an asset management scale of 3.5 billion euros

Li Maoxiang, partner of Kaihui auto fund, believes that "intelligent mine is a 100 billion level blue ocean market that has yet to be developed, and it is also an important commercial landing scene for autonomous driving technology to enter a new stage, which can solve the labor shortage, safety supervision, cost-benefit and other industrial pain points in traditional mining areas." He said that in this vertical field, huituo is an early leading technology and commercial operation team in China. The unmanned technical barriers in mining areas are high. It is also the only supplier that can provide a complete product line, and has accumulated deep cooperation and recognition with mining enterprises and machinery manufacturers

in the future, Kaihui will make full use of industry resources and global layout to promote the international layout of huituo in Africa and North America

the only complete solution provider for unmanned mines in China

"2019 is the first year of unmanned mines." Chen long, CEO of huituo, is true. 2019 is also a key year for huituo to become the leader of the mine's unmanned runway

in April 2019, huituo signed a tripartite strategic cooperation agreement with Datang International Baoli coal mine and Warwick mining. After more than five months of trial operation, it officially completed the commercialization and operation of China's first unmanned mine in September 2019 to customize the design and production of vehicle aluminum solutions for it as a whole. The unmanned transportation system in the overall solution of unmanned mine provided by huituo can stably carry out unmanned transportation, digging card coordination, intelligent scheduling and other functions, which are favored by users wherever they are, and can stably complete the whole process of unmanned transportation. It is understood that the new unmanned mining truck is 8.7m long, 4m high, with a full load of 90 tons and a stable speed of 20km/h at full load. It applies three systems: automatic driving, fleet scheduling and remote control, which can fully meet the working conditions of the mine. This scheme system can eliminate the personnel safety risks existing in the mining area, reduce operating costs, and play a vital role in improving the profitability of mining enterprises

this is the only complete unmanned mine solution in China at present, marking that the first unmanned mine transportation system with China's independent intellectual property rights has begun to take shape

recently, the guiding opinions on accelerating the development of intelligent coal mines issued by eight departments including the national development and Reform Commission and the energy administration clearly stated that "by 2025, large coal mines and coal mines with serious disasters will basically realize intellectualization and form a technical specification and standard system for intelligent construction of coal mines". At the same time, the national development and Reform Commission The "smart car innovation and development strategy" jointly issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology and other 11 ministries and commissions recently pointed out that "it will support the development of smart car test runs and demonstration applications in specific regions ". these favorable policies undoubtedly give a shot in the arm to the development of unmanned mines.

Chen Long said that intelligent unmanned mining can maximize labor productivity and operation efficiency, which is the most fundamental, effective and reliable way to ensure that mining safety is not affected by uncontrollable factors. In the next three years, under the dual influence of policy and industrial reform, huituo will further consolidate the technical foundation and promote more progress in the implementation, At the same time, take the mine as the center, expand the perfect autonomous driving operation ecology outward, and enable more application scenarios

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