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Brazil is in an emergency! Xugong campaign commando, go

on April 26, more than 60000 cases were confirmed in Brazil, and the number of confirmed cases quickly rose to the 11th place in the world. In bausso, a city with a population of less than 200000, 185 cases were suspected, 24 cases were confirmed and 2 cases died. In cities with a population of 10million, more than 1200 cases were diagnosed and 100 cases died

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amazing data are far from reflecting the real situation of the epidemic. Currently, there are 1373 people tested per million population in Brazil, which is far lower than the level of 16000 in the United States and 24000 in Germany, and the proportion is the lowest among the top 11 countries in the world

institutions such as the Catholic University of Rio and the University of Sao Paulo agreed that the most conservative actual number of infections in Brazil would not be less than 300000. According to the current political situation and development trend, Brazil is likely to become the next serious epidemic country in the world

affected by the epidemic, since the end of March, the Brazilian construction machinery industry has stopped R & D work in various aspects such as molding technology, and the resumption date has been postponed repeatedly

rely on scientific and effective epidemic prevention and the spirit of hard work to seize the market

according to the requirements of chairman Wang Min to win both the fight against the epidemic and business development, XCMG Brazil, in addition to strict epidemic prevention, adheres to the production and operation without relaxation. Wang Yansong, vice president of XCMG machinery and chairman of XCMG Brazil, keeps a close eye on the international political situation and the development of the epidemic, and will convene a special meeting at least once a week, Deploy new requirements for fighting the epidemic and business development

in order to fully protect Chinese employees, XCMG Brazil began to promote the separate production mode of Chinese and Brazilian employees in mid April. Based on Brazil's laws, policies and relevant requirements, the number of staff working in the plant was also reduced by more than 50% compared with that at the beginning of the year, completely relying on overtime and full input to maintain existing orders

in mid April, due to the failure of major European and American manufacturers to perform the contract, the to state infrastructure Bureau contacted XCMG Brazil to ask whether it could take over the order for the delivery of 12 21 ton excavators on May 11. At this time, the production system personnel were actually close to the limit load

campaign commando, go

in the face of market and customer demand, XCMG Brazil signed orders in the spirit of not giving up a move and not losing an order, quickly adjusted the production plan, and arranged Brazilian employees to guarantee the to state order

a week ago, the Chinese staff temporarily formed a 25 member cross departmental campaign commando, mainly party members, to ensure that the existing production plan will not be affected

in this 25 member campaign commando, 13 people come from technology, process, quality, procurement, logistics, spare parts, and the assembly experience is basically a zero starting point

after seven days of hard work

there are four lw300bri loaders

installed into an overall framework

the first product offline completed by the campaign commando

the first battle was won

XCMG Brazil, in accordance with the guiding spirit of seizing the day, not losing the youth, quickly reaching a new level, and then reaching a new level, all cadres and employees are confident Three fine and three full. In the first quarter, the main revenue increased by 38 compared with the same period last year. Servo valves or proportional valves are used as control components for closed-loop automatic control 8%, another record high

in the face of the epidemic, more than 10 employees have expired but have not returned home. Although they can't erase their endless yearning for their hometown, they always adhere to a belief in their hearts, that is, to fulfill their promise to go overseas with practical actions

dynamic black note

7 days, 25 Chinese employees Four products

this never give up campaign commando

from the formation of 2, 220 split single and double reducer foam granulator to running in

from novice to mature

from training to output

use your youth and sweat

on the hot land of Brazil

leave a colorful stroke on the internationalization road of XCMG

for XCMG Everest Summit three steps.Strategy

contribute your modest efforts

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