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Epidemic prevention 5g Construction: the country's first "5g+ smart street lamp charging pile" appeared

(original title: the country's first "5g+ smart street lamp charging pile" appeared, and also brought its own electric vehicle charging pile?)

it is reported that the country's first "5g+ smart street lamp charging pile" appeared in Zhoushan. This innovative product jointly created by Zhejiang Mobile and China Zhejiang Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd. is another innovative measure taken by Zhejiang Mobile to promote the construction of 5g network during epidemic prevention

it is reported that a special street lamp erected at kaihong square in Dinghai, Zhoushan, attracted the special attention of passers-by. It has a striking LED screen with slogans such as "unite as one to overcome the epidemic" and "scientific response, prevention and control of group control". What's more magical is that this light pole also comes with 5g base station and electric vehicle charging pile, which not only realizes the surrounding 5g network coverage, but also effectively alleviates the problem of charging new energy vehicles caused by the shutdown of various parks during the epidemic prevention and control period. This is the first "5g+ smart street lamp charging pile" in China where all machines can not operate normally

this "magic lamp pole" full of black technology has multiple functions, integrating intelligent lighting, 5g communication, car charging and automatic interruption of operation, video monitoring, and information interaction, realizing the "sharing, intensification, and overall planning" of resources. A simple integrated mobile 5g MicroStation is mounted on the upper part of the lamp pole. Within the perimeter of the lamp pole, the 5g speed measured on site can reach up to 900mbps. At the same time, with the characteristics of low 5g delay and high speed, the management department can collect and transmit back surveillance video to realize the role transformation of new material based industry integrated service providers, street lamp management and control, charging pile management and other data, and help the refinement and intelligent management of the city

during the epidemic prevention and control period, the "5g+ smart street lamp charging pile" used the built-in display and broadcasting system to continuously carry out epidemic prevention publicity and education to the general public, which not only improved the citizens' awareness of safety and prevention, but also reduced the working pressure of community personnel to "shout the horn". After the epidemic, it can also realize the popularization and publicity of sidewalk safety, traffic safety, urban management reminder, etc. In addition, during the epidemic period, when most parks were closed, the "5g+ smart street lamp" on the square also provided great convenience for people who needed to charge new energy vehicles by using its own charging pile function

the staff of Zhejiang Mobile said that with the acceleration of the construction of smart city, after the "5g+ smart street lamp charging pile" appeared in Zhejiang, we will work with the power sector to promote and popularize it soon. In addition to loading 5g base stations, we can also combine IOT and other technologies, and all kinds of security devices can also be placed in smart street lamps due to the needs of related operations and environmental monitors. In the future, "5g+ smart light pole" will become an important entry point for smart cities and is expected to help the construction of 5g base stations

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