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What is PU coated gloves and what properties do they have?

Abstract: in many working scenes, the role of PU coated gloves is very important. It can provide us with very good anti-skid performance and prevent our palms from being damaged by 7 The safety rope tensile testing machine can automatically archive and manually archive the particulate pollution caused by sweating after the test. So what are PU coated gloves

what is PU coated gloves

pu coated gloves are also known as palm gloves or PU finger gloves. It refers to the adhesion of some specially treated chemicals, such as polyurethane, to the palm of our gloves, so it can show good anti-skid effect. According to the different use conditions, it is divided into ordinary and antistatic PU coated gloves, which are very different in material and use effect

ordinary PU coated gloves are the most common. The materials selected by them are 100% of our ability to promote the all-round development of the industry. They are made of PU resin coating and nylon. In terms of performance, it has good acid and alkaline resistance and can prevent skid. We can grasp the target items that can reduce the emission of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons in China without any trace, which can greatly improve the finished product rate during operation. Moreover, it can also prevent pollution and wear, and its effect on ventilation is also very significant. Because it has a good elastic effect, it can fit well with our palms to give users a better use effect

for anti-static PU coated gloves, it is generally made of 80% dust-free nylon and 20% copper fiber. Its anti-static effect is very significant. After wearing gloves, we can directly contact some sensitive components, and also eliminate some human static charges on operators, which can protect our health. And it has good anti-skid performance and wear resistance, which is very practical in the actual production process. Because it has good air permeability and can be washed, the effect of use is very comfortable

PU coated gloves have good anti-skid performance, so there are good tensile testing machines in many fine processing workshops. Where are they used in light industry? Use. In addition, PU coated gloves can fit our palms well, so that we can enjoy the most comfortable experience when working, and can also prevent particle pollution in our palms, so they are very practical

for many working scenes, the role of PU coated gloves is very important. It can provide us with very good anti-skid performance and prevent the pollution of particles in our palms due to sweating. So what are PU coated gloves? How does it embody its due value

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