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Epichlorohydrin market

continue to operate at a false high and maintain a low turnover is still the main feature of the current domestic epichlorohydrin market. In the case of a short-term stalemate, market participants pay more attention to the aftermarket. Market experts believe that, in addition to the tight supply of goods, there is no reason for the epichlorohydrin market to operate at a high level, and there is also a lack of upward themes. Under the background that the downstream feels the cost pressure and is unable to resume construction, the future trend of the market will depend on whether the new epichlorohydrin equipment can be put into production as planned and whether the construction of epoxy resin 1 industry can further decline

the domestic epichlorohydrin market continued to be shrouded in a wait-and-see atmosphere last day (July 13). Market experts said that when the liquidation crisis caused by environmental pollution occurred again in 2016, the mainstream quotation in East China was 24500 ~ 25000 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price was 24500 ~ 24700 yuan/ton, and there was little transaction news; The mainstream quotation in Huangshan is 24500 ~ 25000 yuan/ton, the mainstream transaction price is 24500 ~ 24700 yuan/ton, and the downstream receiving is negative; The mainstream quotation in North China is 24700 ~ 25000 yuan/ton, the mainstream transaction price is 24600 yuan/ton, and the sales scale is limited; The mainstream quotation in South China is 24500 ~ 24800 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price is about 24500 ~ 24600 yuan/ton. There are few shipments in the market. Qilu Petrochemical's ex factory quotation is still 24500 ~ 24600 yuan/ton (including freight), Tianjin Chemical's ex factory quotation is still 24500 yuan/ton (including freight), haydale and a comprehensive team from the University of Cardiff School of Engineering in the UK manage Baling Petrochemical's ex factory quotation is still 2. At present, it is 4500 yuan/ton (including freight), and its 32000 ton/year device, 28000 ton/year device and 32000 ton/year device operate normally, with general sales and shipments

due to the high price of epichlorohydrin, the epoxy resin manufacturers in its main downstream industry are forced to reduce production. At present, most small and medium-sized enterprises in liquid product factories have stopped production, and only about 65% of solid product factories have started operation. The low-cost raw materials used by mainstream enterprises that adhere to production in the early stage are basically exhausted, ushering in a cold cost winter. Market experts said that epichlorohydrin is mostly used to prepare epoxy resin in China, and the application of epoxy resin is very dispersed; Therefore, the cost increase factor from epichlorohydrin is difficult to be transferred to the downstream of multiple levels. Although the supply of epichlorohydrin is slightly tight, the supply and demand are basically balanced, so the excessive price does not come entirely from this factor

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