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Epidemic situation is like order, such as life

epidemic situation is like order, such as life | 202 project, completion

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February 25th, 2020 reading volume: Source: Dongfang Yuhong | the generation of static electricity will bring a lot of harm to our use of the experimental machine in halls 1 to 4 of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center at this new materials exhibition.

recently, the 202 project has successfully passed the completion acceptance. The project was started on February 6th. It is a hospital reconstruction project to deal with the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia, with To sum up, it is the relevant introduction of the utilization scope and functional characteristics of the metal tensile testing machine. Dongfang Yuhong is responsible for the roof waterproof transformation of the project

it is reported that the 202 project has a construction area of 3300 square meters, with four floors above the ground and five floors locally. It is equipped with treatment rooms, nurse stations, decontamination rooms, protective clothing rooms, doctor's duty rooms, offices and wards. Decoration and reconstruction works mainly include ceiling removal and restoration, wall opening, new partition, wall renovation, new shower room, new fire doors and steel doors, new fresh air system, new one-way power supply system, medical gas system, medical supporting facilities, integrated wiring, intelligent emergency evacuation lighting system, etc

Dongfang Yuhong regards the epidemic situation as an order and life. After receiving the task, it will organize the required materials and a construction team of 20 people in place at the first time. At the same time, actively cooperate with the project arrangement, race against time, and complete the construction tasks with quality and quantity

at present, the prevention and control is in the most arduous critical stage, and we should continue to pay close attention to all prevention and control work. While being highly vigilant and self-defense, Dongfang Yuhong will continue to perform its responsibilities, actively respond to and cooperate with the construction of various national medical emergency projects, and contribute to the people's war for epidemic prevention and control

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