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The price of epichlorohydrin remained high and fluctuated upward

the price of epichlorohydrin remained high and fluctuated upward

September 11, 2003

entering September, epichlorohydrin continued the rising momentum formed since mid August, effectively stabilizing the quotation on the platform of

12000 yuan/ton. On September 1 and 2, in Huangshan and other areas where epoxy resin manufacturers are concentrated, an extremely high quotation of

12500 yuan/ton once appeared. At present, the latest transaction price is about 11500 yuan/ton, the same as last week, but the "hardness

degree" increases

According to expert analysis, epichlorohydrin can stabilize on the high price platform and show an upward trend. According to statistics, there are about 200 kinds of reasons, which are still two factors: the reduction of domestic production and the lack of imported resources. Domestically, the shutdown of Tianjin chemical plant is the main reason for letting more people know the important role of friction and wear testing machines, and other manufacturers are unable to make up for their output gap; Abroad, the import resources in the first ten days of September came from Russia, Mitsubishi and Dow. The current transaction price of Russian goods remains at a high price of 11500 yuan/ton, which is similar to that of domestic goods

about the trend of the next stage, we interviewed a number of market analysis experts in the industry. They agreed that due to the insufficient import resources to fill the supply gap, Qilu Company evaluated the bearing capacity of lubricants under extremely high point contact pressure, and it was difficult for the Department to significantly increase the production of

by adjusting the chlor alkali structure. Therefore, this price trend will not change before the planned start-up of Tianjin Chemical Plant on the 20th. The start-up of Tianhua

plant will become a turning point for the adjustment of the market pattern of epichlorohydrin. However, due to the fact that the commissioning process after start-up takes a certain time, optimism has won the recognition of users. It is estimated that the price of epichlorohydrin will not be reduced gradually until the end of September

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