Application of Kostal key interlock in dangerous e

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Application of keshitai key interlock in hazardous environments such as electrostatic spraying

when carrying out hazardous work such as electrostatic spraying, if people want to enter the workplace, they must first disconnect the power supply, otherwise it will be life-threatening. At present, the new production capacity in the industry is difficult to have a huge impact on the product price, but in reality, there are often human misoperations in 2015, which endanger the safety of life and property. Castell key interlock system under British Halma Group forces operators to strictly implement the preset operation sequence through the transmission of keys, completely eliminating human errors in operation. At present, this system has been applied in large steel plants such as Baosteel

hazardous environments such as electrostatic spraying have extremely strict requirements on employees' operation, and employees must be required to operate in strict accordance with the predetermined operation steps. Otherwise, any test sample includes neat polysulfone, neat polyether sulfone, polyether sulfone and ultraviolet absorbent compound as described in Table 1, ultraviolet absorbent and polysulfone compound. Anyone who violates the operation procedures will cause major danger to employees' life safety. In real life, most test speed factories still use the method of listing prompt and warning to remind employees to carry out the correct sequence of operations. However, this method is very unreliable, because it requires human consciousness and reliability. Once misoperation occurs, the consequences are often unimaginable. The working principle of Castell key interlocking system is to ensure that the operator can always perform the correct and safe operation sequence through the logical sequence setting of keys. Castell key interlocking system is suitable for any simple and complex system, which ensures the maximum efficiency while providing the most reliable safety guarantee for operating staff and equipment

in fact, key interlock is a very common and mature application from Europe and North America. Now, more and more Chinese enterprises also begin to accept this concept. For example, in the new production line of Baosteel, it is specifically pointed out that Castell's key interlock is required

application of Castell key interlock in hazardous environments such as electrostatic spraying

now let's take a look at the working principle and operating steps of this system through a set of photos from the customer's site

step 1. Under normal working conditions, when maintenance is required, turn the key and remove the key. At this time, the power supply of electrostatic spraying is isolated. Step 2: the removed key is used to insert into the key exchange box and release 4 secondary keys. Step 3: four keys released from the key exchange box are used to open the access control and enter the electrostatic spraying work. At this time, the equipment cannot be restarted. Only by re locking the door lock, returning the key to the key exchange box, exchanging the main key, and inserting the power safety switch can the equipment be powered on again. (end)

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