The hottest epidemic ferments Vietnam to block Dan

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The outbreak ferments Vietnam's "blockade" of Danang, the third largest city. Release date: Source: Xinhua

Vietnam's Ministry of transport said on the 28th that due to the increase in covid-19 cases in Danang, public transport vehicles entering and leaving the central seaport city will be suspended for 15 days without special circumstances

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Chun Phu announced the day before that Danang will take a number of social isolation measures for at least 14 days from 0:00 on the 28th. According to this regulation, the public transportation system in six major local administrative regions has been suspended

a 57 year old man in Danang was confirmed infected with novel coronavirus on the 25th, which is the first confirmed case of local infection in Vietnam since mid April. The Vietnamese news agency said that the man had retired, had not left Danang in the past month, and spent most of his time at home looking after his grandchildren

from 25th to 27th, a total of 15 cases of covid-19 were confirmed in Danang and neighboring provinces. Among them, 11 new cases were confirmed in Danang on the 27th, including 4 medical staff. On the afternoon of the 28th, another 7 confirmed cases were reported in Danang and neighboring provinces. So far, a total of 22 people have been diagnosed in this area since the 25th

the COVID-19 in Vietnam is relatively mild. So far, 438 cases have been confirmed and no one has died. As a result, the Vietnamese government has paid special attention to the new situation in Danang and taken a series of measures to stop the spread of the epidemic

the sudden change in the supply and demand pattern of Vietnam's Ministry of transport requiring the shutdown of entering and leaving Danang also brought about the market ldquo; in a short time; High fever rdquo; Public transport, including flights, buses and trains, is only allowed to enter and leave Danang with vehicles carrying patients, food or anti epidemic front-line workers

the Ministry of health of Vietnam said on the 28th that the disease control institutions are tracking the close contacts of the confirmed patients, and nearly 12000 people are currently quarantined throughout Vietnam

the three hospitals in Danang and the surrounding streets are isolated, and obstacles and guards are set at the intersection. Residents living in the isolation area are required to stay at home in order to pierce the paint layer and measure each point directly. They are not allowed to go out without necessity. Danang health officials said they planned to test at least 10000 local residents for novel coronavirus

Danang is a famous seaside resort in Vietnam. According to the data of Vietnam's civil aviation department, 80000 passengers would have flown to Danang from all over Vietnam this week. Earlier on the 27th, Vietnam's Civil Aviation Department said it planned to increase flights from Danang in order to transport more tourists out of Danang. In the evening of that day, the Ministry of transport announced the suspension of flights in and out of Danang

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, entered the field of high-performance engineering materials. City officials said on the 28th that 15000 to 20000 citizens who had recently visited Danang had been required to declare their health and isolate themselves

Huian, another tourist attraction near Danang, suspended the reception of tourists on the 27th, and asked people who had entered the ancient city from Danang to declare their health and self isolation

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