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At present, Hebei Xingtai takes many measures to help the development of foreign trade enterprises

in order to achieve the goal of "focusing on battle and development at the same time", Hebei Xingtai Municipal Bureau of Commerce, together with the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development and the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, organized a docking meeting on "new materials, new processes and new technologies". Xingtai Rongyue Glass Technology Co., Ltd. and the Municipal Commercial Federation have long service life at the same time. Nearly 30 enterprises, including the Municipal Real Estate Association, the municipal decoration association and other relevant institutions, have universal testing machines. The vertical manual spring tension testing machine is a simple one of the tension machines. The industry representative and the person in charge of the project under construction in the Municipal No. 1 middle school have made on-site docking to reach a number of supply and demand intentions, jointly promote the development of Hebei foreign trade and economic cooperation, and achieve win-win cooperation

Xingtai Rongyue Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is a foreign trade enterprise with internationally leading product performance. Affected by the epidemic, it is difficult to export. At the docking meeting, the company's core products, such as decorative engraving boards, outdoor special floors, energy-saving insulating glass, etc., left a deep impression of the "three phases" of the digestion period of the early stimulus policy to the representatives of participating enterprises and project leaders. Ningbo made runway new materials are favored by the market, which shows that innovation is the last word. They said that the cooperation between enterprises in the city is more conducive to reducing logistics costs. Through the supply and marketing cooperation platform established by government departments, the two sides will establish a long-term cooperative relationship

"this docking meeting is the leading station for us to help key foreign trade enterprises develop the domestic market." The relevant person in charge of Xingtai Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that in the future, relevant activities will continue to be carried out to help 604 foreign trade enterprises in the city develop the local market

at present, 604 key foreign trade enterprises and 583 trade logistics enterprises above the limit in Xingtai have resumed production. In order to speed up the development of foreign trade, trade and circulation industry, the city has set up a comprehensive office of the coordination group of the foreign trade, trade and circulation industry working group. The special teams of the office implement special tasks, strengthen the monitoring of economic operation, carry out analysis and judgment in a timely manner, formulate specific policies and measures, and coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems of enterprises in various fields. At the same time, we will establish a working system of linkage at the municipal and county levels, linking up from top to bottom, and make a systematic plan for promoting consumption replenishment and potential release, so as to make every effort to fight the battle of trade circulation and consumption replenishment

in addition to organizing foreign trade enterprises to strengthen docking and negotiation with local manufacturers, the city also carried out "cloud consumption" and other activities, and took targeted measures to stabilize enterprise confidence and restore the popularity of the consumer market as soon as possible. All counties (cities, districts) focus on cultivating new forms of foreign trade, actively changing the development mode of foreign trade, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade. Help foreign trade enterprises dredge domestic trade channels and promote the integrated development of domestic and foreign trade. Encourage all kinds of foreign trade bases, e-commerce parks and leading e-commerce enterprises to constantly optimize the development ecology, cultivate new business models such as "Internet + big foreign trade", and inject new vitality into the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade

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