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How can printing enterprises make steady progress on the road of green printing

starting this year, a total of 681 varieties of 28million textbooks for primary and secondary schools in Shanghai have been green printed. It is reported that Shanghai has been exploring the pilot work of green printing of primary and secondary school textbooks since 2010. By this autumn, the primary and secondary school textbooks published and used in Shanghai, including teacher reference materials, have achieved full coverage of green printing

the data shows that since April 6, 2012, the General Administration of publishing, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of environmental protection proposed the green printing of textbooks in the "notice on the implementation of green printing of textbooks for primary and secondary school students", according to the statistics of 23 provinces, there were more than 1000 kinds of autumn textbooks for primary and secondary schools in 2012, and 200million volumes were green printed. According to this estimation, the test control accuracy is high and the repeatability is high; The latter is cheap. More than half of the country's primary and secondary school students and more than 96million people have at least one textbook with China's environmental logo

the effective implementation of green textbooks makes us focus on green printing again. The so-called green printing refers to a printing method that uses environmentally friendly materials and processes, produces less pollution in the printing process, saves resources and energy, and is easy to recycle and recycle after the printed matter is discarded, which can be naturally degraded and has little impact on the ecological environment. Green printing requires coordination with the environment, including the use of environmentally friendly printing materials, a clean printing production process, the safety of printed matter to users, and the recycling and recycling of printed matter

The significance of green printing:

the implementation of green printing is of great significance to the printing environment, economy and the enterprise itself

there are more than 3 million printing workers in China. The health of this group is inseparable from their working environment. The promotion of green printing first concerns the health of printing workers. Green printing materials and the reduction or even elimination of toxic and harmful gas emissions in the process of operation have directly improved the quality of the working environment of printing workers and effectively ensured their health. As an industry closely related to life, printing is closely related to people's daily life. Everyone will be exposed to a large number of printed materials every day. The implementation of green printing has greatly reduced the hidden dangers of ordinary contact with printed materials. Green printing products make people more comfortable to use. In addition, green printing has also greatly promoted China's printing industry to achieve the goals of energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon economy, and has improved and improved the environmental protection level of China's printing industry as a whole

from an economic point of view, the promotion of green printing is a process of readjusting the industrial structure and following up for 5 to 39 months. In this process, enterprises practice green printing, indirectly changing their production mode, gradually transforming the entire printing industry from extensive to intensive, and changing the production mode of the printing industry. It is reported that there are more than 300 green certification enterprises nationwide, accounting for 0.15% of the country, but their output value accounts for about 4.5% of the whole industry. Another 60% of printing enterprises above Designated Size have adopted computer direct plate making technology and digital workflow. After adopting this technology, the comprehensive cost of printing enterprises for environmental protection has been reduced by about 10%. The statistical data of sampling enterprises show that in the process of green printing, about 355000 kwh of electricity is saved per 100 million yuan of output value, about 21.7 tons of paper consumption and about 1 ton of ink are saved. The economic benefits and energy conservation and consumption reduction level of Indian enterprises have been greatly improved

How can enterprises promote green printing

in the long run, it is incumbent on enterprises to take the road of green printing. How to promote green printing? The author summarizes the following points:

1 Starting from the management, through the use of ERP management software, optimize the production process and other measures to improve production efficiency and reduce material and energy consumption

2. Introduce advanced equipment and eliminate traditional equipment with large environmental pollution, high energy consumption and low efficiency

3. Using green printing materials and process technology, comprehensively evaluate the materials used to ensure that they are green and environmentally friendly materials, such as FSC paper, recycled paper, soybean ink, water-based ink, UV ink, alcohol free fountain solution, water-based glue, PUR glue, high-definition clean car washing water, etc; It adopts screen soft proofing, CTP plate making, waterless offset printing, digital printing, flexographic printing, computer color matching, wiring processing and other technology

4. Reduce the use and loss of materials, such as: reduce the paper opening and weight, and reduce the startup scrap rate through color management, ink presetting and other technologies; Adopt ink saving software, centralized ink supply and other technologies to save ink; Recover and recycle powder spraying and fountain solution; Recycle the waste paper produced in the printing process and cut it into corresponding sizes for proofreading, office, etc

5. Create an environment-friendly working environment, such as adopting solar power generation and power supply system; Replace the lighting fixtures with energy-saving, environment-friendly and long-life LED lamps; In the air compression, vacuum, blowing, heat dissipation and exhaust of the workshop, the central system is used to replace the decentralized single machine, improve efficiency, reduce the air conditioning load of the workshop and save energy; By installing negative pressure exhaust device, the fresh air in the workshop is increased and the temperature is reduced; Adopt rainwater comprehensive utilization system, etc

6. Establish a waste recycling system and classify garbage; The waste materials shall be collectively handed over to the supplier or the qualified contractor who makes the 50mm wide edge coincide and level regularly for recycling and proper treatment; Install secondary combustion device to protect the environment

at present, China's printing industry is booming, and green printing will be the future development trend of printing enterprises. This road has a long way to go, which requires the attention and support of various consumable manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, printing enterprises and relevant departments. Under the unified deployment of the state, China's green printing will establish a new order of environmental protection printing

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