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Since the reform and opening up, China's printing industry has developed greatly and made remarkable achievements. Although our entire industry still lags far behind the world's advanced level, both the printing equipment industry and the printing processing industry have achieved a place in the international market while meeting the domestic market demand, and the gap has been significantly narrowed, which is gratifying to all printing practitioners. However, with China's entry into the post WTO transition period, China's printing industry is not only facing the business opportunities brought by China's rapid economic development, but also experiencing more challenges from multinational well-known enterprises in developed countries. As two battleships fighting in the tide of market economy in the printing industry, printing equipment enterprises and printing processing enterprises deserve our serious consideration whether they can continue to ride the wind and waves, sail far and forge ahead towards the goal of further narrowing the gap with the international advanced level

for the solution of such an obvious problem, wise people see wisdom, and different people see benevolence. The author believes that taking the road of cooperation between printing equipment enterprises and printing processing enterprises is also an optional move

I. possibility of cooperation

from the perspective of printing equipment enterprises, it is an upstream enterprise in the supply chain of the printing industry, and its direct service object is printing processing enterprises. As an equipment supplier, printing equipment enterprises should not only provide good equipment for printing and processing enterprises, but also provide good services, but also provide good value-added services. This is the basic list of wood-based panel universal testing machines that printing equipment enterprises need to extend downstream: the field of rotating wear testing machines

from the perspective of printing and processing enterprises, with the increasingly fierce market competition, they are increasingly accepting the demand from customers to provide overall printing. In this case, it also hopes to get the overall services (outsourcing services) of the upstream printing equipment enterprises in terms of equipment, so as to free up energy, focus on core business and better serve customers

from the above two aspects, there is a junction between the respective needs of printing equipment enterprises and printing processing enterprises. If we can take it as an entry point, we can make cooperation between the two sides possible

II. Areas of cooperation

1. Professional maintenance of printing equipment

make use of the advantages of professional and technical personnel of printing equipment enterprises to provide a package of professional maintenance and repair services for printing processing enterprises

2. Personalized transformation of printing equipment

in the face of increasingly diversified printing processing, printing processing enterprises often need to carry out personalized transformation of general iiiii equipment. In the past, most printing and processing enterprises were "self reliant", but most of them failed due to their unprofessional. In this regard, printing equipment enterprises can reflect their advantages and provide strong support for printing and processing enterprises

3. Development of new products of printing equipment

when printing equipment enterprises carry out new product development, on the one hand, they can be involved in the rapid development of functional clothing and home textile industry by the process technicians of printing and processing enterprises, and listen to their opinions on the function and performance of new products, so that the developed new products can be closer to the needs of users; On the other hand, printing and processing enterprises can also become the base for testing the performance and operation indicators of new products

III. benefits of cooperation

1. printing equipment enterprises can be closer to customers and the market, and avoid "behind closed doors"

2. Printing processing enterprises can get professional services from printing equipment enterprises, reduce costs, and highlight core businesses

3. Sometimes it is uneconomical to see some printing processing enterprises at home and abroad manufacturing equipment or printing equipment enterprises running printing plants from the perspective of resource allocation. Professional things should be done by professional people to optimize the configuration of sources in order to avoid dust entering the lens barrel or lens surface

IV. guarantee of cooperation

establishing partnerships and carrying out strategic cooperation among enterprises at all nodes of the supply chain is being accepted by more and more people, and printing equipment enterprises and printing processing enterprises should not be an exception. The purpose of cooperation is to achieve common development and 'win-win'. Therefore, some practical problems to ensure the smooth progress of cooperation should not be ignored

1. the management mechanism between enterprises should be able to connect

once the partnership between enterprises is established, the relationship between the two sides will become very close, and there will be a certain degree of cross penetration in the management of mutual questions. If there are big differences in the management mechanism, there will be collisions and frictions, which will make the cooperation not smooth. However, it is not easy to detect when assembling. Generally, the management mechanisms of both enterprises are relatively close to or adapt to the operation requirements of the market economy, and the possibility of success will greatly increase

2. technological energy levels should be able to connect

due to the different positioning of enterprises in market competition, the choice of technological energy levels will also be different. When choosing partners, if the technological energy levels cannot match, the common ground of cooperation will be reduced

3. The benefit sharing mechanism is indispensable.

every enterprise is the subject of market competition, and has the goal and task of pursuing interests. Therefore, at the beginning of cooperation, the benefit sharing mechanism should be determined, and there should be contractual constraints. The consensus here should be that the two sides of the cooperation should not take advantage of each other, but should produce l+l 2 benefits through cooperation, and everyone should share the results of the value-added part

the development of printing processing industry requires printing equipment enterprises to continuously provide innovative equipment and services. The development of printing equipment enterprises also requires printing processing enterprises to provide broader market space. The complementary relationship between the two has brought both sides closer and closer. Let's join hands to strengthen cooperation, meet challenges, and jointly promote the rapid development of China's printing industry. ※

source: printing industry luweida

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