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Zhejiang Zhengda: the low-carbon green development path of the paper industry

acting as the green under the low-carbon economy

Zhengda Holdings: a low-carbon green development path of the modern paper industry

papermaking, a sunrise industry among all industries in China. Today, when the scientific concept of development is constantly mentioned, this industry once became synonymous with high energy consumption and high pollution in the eyes of the people, and it is also facing the torture of the benign development of environmental protection. If Fuyang has knowledge, it should know the great difference. In this huge paper industry base, Zhengda holding group, with its responsibility as an industry leader and its persistent adherence to environmental protection and low carbon, has given new connotation to the green development path of the paper industry. Following the green development track of Zhengda, you will see a brighter future for the paper industry

overview of Fuyang Fuyang paper making is moving towards a low-carbon green development road


around the low-carbon design concept, advocate green paper making; The positioning of high-end products leads the new navigation mark of the packaging market; Apply innovative ideas to customize new goals of energy conservation and consumption reduction; Comprehensive utilization of technology determines the new direction of pollution limitation and emission reduction. Through this series of measures, Zhengda is moving towards the goal of low consumption, low pollution and high output that up to 90% of plastic products in the world have never been recycled, so as to create a green model for the transformation and upgrading of the paper industry with advanced technology, high quality, domestic advanced and international influence. In the post industrial era, Zhengda holding group has made positive contributions to exploring a low-carbon green development path and realizing the deep transformation of Fuyang paper industry

imperative: improve the green choice of Fuyang papermaking

while being listed as the pilot city of industrial circular economy in Hangzhou, Fuyang has also been given the green mission of integrating environmental protection and low-carbon development. When environmental protection and low-carbon collide with the traditional paper industry, what sparks will be generated? Fuyang paper enterprises have become a model of regional economic development in China by implementing circular economy, doing a good job in small circulation, promoting large circulation, and enhancing the sustainable development capacity of regional paper industry. Fuyang paper industry has been included in the pilot list of the second batch of 21 demonstration areas for the transformation and upgrading of block economies to modern industrial clusters in Zhejiang Province

Fuyang paper industry pays close attention to the research on the development strategy of green paper industry, determines the strategic objectives and strategic measures, and strengthens the development of green paper industry supporting technology to provide technical guarantee for the implementation of green development; Actively carry out policy research on the development of green paper industry, put forward policy suggestions, and create a good development environment; Carry out extensive publicity and education on circular economy and green paper industry, and establish a sustainable consumption concept and the awareness of saving resources and protecting the environment; Vigorously advocate the use of green products, build a resource-saving and environment-friendly production mode of green paper industry, gradually turn the activities closely related to water conservation, energy conservation and resource conservation and the development of circular economy and green paper industry into the conscious actions of all enterprises in the industry, and actively promote the transformation of traditional paper industry to modern green paper industry

among the existing paper-making enterprises in Fuyang City, with the change of market and the improvement of environmental protection threshold, some enterprises with high energy consumption and high pollution have obviously lost their competitiveness. While Zhejiang Zhengda holding group, which grew up with Fuyang paper, understands that only by taking the path of environmental protection and low-carbon sustainable development, can enterprises be invincible in the competition, At the same time, the support of the whole policy is a beneficial guarantee for the development of recycled plastics Jinan assay press shear test electromechanical hydraulic servo actuator material granulator, and contributes to the benign development of the industry

after carefully analyzing and investigating the development trajectory of the advanced paper industry at home and abroad, Chia Tai holding group reviewed the situation and put forward the development goal of environmental protection strategy, striding forward to the first-class paper industry, comprehensively integrating with the international market, promoting cleaner production and resource utilization, carrying out large-scale technological transformation, and taking pollution control as the life project of the enterprise. The green development path of using high-tech to transform traditional industries has become the export of Zhengda's continuous improvement of crystallinity and porosity, which can affect its degradation rate and self experience

bear the brunt:

in recent years, in line with the purpose of environmental protection strategy, Chia Tai holding group has firmly taken the road of green paper industry. With the goal of source control, process control and end-of-the-art control, it requires paper projects and pollution control projects to be carried out simultaneously, realizing the coordinated development and synchronous improvement of economic benefits and environmental protection, and promoting the country with the cultural concept of green paper industry pioneer

in 2006, Chia Tai Holdings Group became the first enterprise in Fuyang industry to pass the international certification of ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental system and OHSAS18001 paper health and safety three standards in one; In 2009, the company passed the national QS certification for food quality and safety, and became the first food filter paper manufacturer in Fuyang City

energy conservation and emission reduction has always been the top priority of the company's production, operation and management. Looking at the international advanced paper industry, it has achieved zero emissions with its first-class equipment. In 2006, the company invested 6million yuan to adopt new technologies and equipment. Under the guidance of experts from Hangzhou environmental protection technology consulting company, the company evaluated the raw materials and energy, equipment maintenance and renewal, technology and technology, waste, etc. of six subsidiaries, put forward cleaner production improvement plans and put them into practice. Subsequently, more than 1million yuan was invested to install the monitoring, which passed the acceptance. At the same time, the company attaches great importance to the work of energy measurement. On the basis of improving the three-level energy measurement equipment, through the collection and analysis of energy measurement data, the company continues to carry out energy-saving technological transformation from the process and equipment. Under the guidance of industry alliance standards, the company vigorously implements refined management, strengthens assessment, and has achieved remarkable results in energy conservation and emission reduction. From 2008 to 2009, the comprehensive energy consumption of 10000 yuan output value decreased by 5.03% year-on-year. As of September 2010, the comprehensive energy consumption of 10000 yuan output value decreased by 4.76% in the same period in 2009. Six subsidiaries of the group were rated as Hangzhou energy measurement and management demonstration units

Chia Tai also actively participated in carbon compensation and carbon footprint elimination activities. This year's Arbor Day, the red maple forest planted by the group at the entrance of dahuawu in Fuyang Urban Forest Park was awarded as Chia Tai carbon sequestration forest No. 002. This is also a pioneering work of Chia Tai in advocating low-carbon life and coping with climate change with practical actions, which plays a driving and promoting role in guiding the whole society to participate in the construction of carbon sequestration forestry

not long ago, after the green control technology and comprehensive information integration platform of papermaking process developed by Zhengda with an investment of 3.85 million yuan were put into use, it not only stabilized the folding resistance and smoothness of paper, saved the consumption of steam and chemicals, increased the annual profit by about 1.2 million yuan, but also improved the recycling rate of short fiber and reduced the emission of waste gas and wastewater

enterprises need efficiency, profits, and green mountains and clear waters. Adhering to this concept, over the past 10 years, Zhengda has rewritten the image of the paper industry as a major polluter with its own concrete actions, and expanded the territory of green papermaking with little green. In the view of Yang Shaojian, chairman of Chia Tai holding group, a polluting industry and an enterprise without a sense of society have no future. Only from the perspective of society, accelerating the adjustment and industrial upgrading of traditional industrial structure can we achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the papermaking industry will have broad prospects for development. It is precisely because of the remarkable achievements made in environmental protection over the years that Chia Tai holding group has been rated as Zhejiang environmental management research base and Fuyang advanced unit in environmental protection

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