The most popular way of effective competition

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The way of effective competition (Part 1)

at present, Chinese enterprises generally have the problem of serious strategic mistakes, which has many reasons, such as the unclear guidance of the government, the wrong understanding of industrial policies by the top management of enterprises, the speculative psychology of investors, and the impure thinking of Entrepreneurs... Under the combined influence of these factors, there are always some people who want to obtain unconventional benefits from the process of economic transition, Or think that you can control the completed and unfinished pattern of a section, and you can infinitely enlarge your ability and resource accommodation. Being eager to speed up without taking into account their ability bottom line, under the temptation of infinitely enlarging the expected value of earnings, many enterprises are in danger, crossing their original development track and the business track they should abide by. Therefore, it is inevitable that there will be deviations in the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment in the process of enterprise operation

based on various reasons for the failure of the enterprise strategy, the failure or failure of the enterprise lies in the fact that the entrepreneur overestimates the energy of himself and the enterprise, and always thinks that the resources or relationships he controls are sufficient to resist all systematic or non systematic risks. This idea makes him feel that all operations in the business belong to the controllable safety range, and he lacks or cannot establish risk awareness in the enterprise, so he cannot effectively prevent risks, Without emergency measures, there is no way to deal with risks, and the rupture of the capital chain, the threat of dishonesty of enterprises, the mistakes of brand positioning, etc., affect the whole body at once, directly causing the enterprise crisis and prompting them to fail and decline

so, how should we solve these problems at present

celebrate the successful completion of the 2014 Symposium on the use of rubber and plastic technology in medical products! First of all, the strategic framework does not keep pace with the times, and cannot formulate an effective competitive strategy, making the enterprise competition in a state of ambiguity

this state is mainly manifested in the selection of industries or products, as well as brand marketing. Many enterprises are facing the difficulty of diversified development. Within the effective market scope, because it is diversified, because the estimation of the profit level of each industry is relatively optimistic, and the neglect of entry barriers and the belief in their successful experience have made them enter a place of eternal doom

the diversification strategy is implemented to prevent risks in the enterprise industry. No matter how many products he has developed, an enterprise with successful diversification will follow a differentiated path. The differentiation here is not the differentiation of the three strategic choices in strategic theory, but the differentiation based on enterprise instinct. One of the benefits of this strategic choice is to make yourself different first, which can meet or "create" new needs (of course, this need is composed of a certain market share that is sufficient to make this choice survive). In the final analysis, this is a problem of value innovation

secondly, enterprises do not seek truth from facts and choose tension machine fixtures. They also need to formulate enterprise strategies based on non standardized configuration or related expanded configuration. There are false high and fake behaviors in the quotation of resources in the strategic evaluation

the existence of such a problem is that entrepreneurs enlarge their own resources or locate their own resources at a time point in the future, which is impossible or unrealistic. Although the strategy of an enterprise is a plan for the future, it cannot position the strategic resources of the enterprise. This particle size range is in the transition area at the junction of atomic clusters and macro objects to the future, because doing so will increase the risk of the enterprise strategy, so that the enterprise can focus on the long-term behavior with its short-term goals in the process of competition, or overdraw its long-term resources to make up for the risks or problems of the actual strategy, The result of this is to surpass the goals of the enterprise and make yourself a visionary

the realization of enterprise strategic objectives depends on the recent gradual accumulation of resources and a series of strategic behaviors. To put it bluntly, enterprise strategic objectives are a process, not a point in time. Now many enterprises regard their goals as a point in time and understand the strategy with the concept of point in time, which not only allows all employees to see only a point in the future, but also the road to be built at this point

the result of the above two points is that the enterprise strategy is not implemented effectively, or there are no resources to implement a strategy based on future resources. Perhaps in the successful mode of realization, there is the strategy of positioning future resources, but in fact, such a probability of success is very small, or in the process of enterprise development, a series of changes just meet the expectations of enterprises, and such enterprises can also grasp this opportunity well. Because the future strategies are based on the full grasp of the evolution process of real resources and the deep insight into the future industrial development. This analysis and prediction has great risks, and the amount and accuracy of the required information determine the success of such strategies

maybe we can all be strategists and plan for the future, but it is still a few people who can really achieve this goal, because we cannot forget that this is a world with extremely asymmetric information. Moreover, even if the same information is in the hands of different people, their understanding is different, so everyone can formulate strategies, but successful strategies belong to only a few people

the reason why most people fail is not the error of enterprise strategic thinking, but the difference in understanding national policies, which is fatal for enterprises. This can directly lead to a serious deviation in the implementation of the enterprise's strategy, which makes the general policy or direction of the enterprise more and more deviate from its own route, and finally makes the enterprise unable to return to the standard, which can not make up for such mistakes

therefore, while emphasizing strategy, we should first understand what our capabilities are and how big they are? What are our strategic goals? Can we achieve it? Why? It's like when we walk, we must first understand how far we can walk? Then where are we going? If we don't understand this, we don't know how to go, what means of transportation to use, and how to control the journey. This is a problem of optimizing the allocation of resources. Only when we understand our resource accommodation ability and strategic objectives thoroughly can we formulate effective competitive strategies. In the strategic cases of many companies I have studied, enterprises have a broad understanding of their own strategic concepts. Although there are key points, it is difficult to make a move under the complex strategic system. Therefore, enterprises cannot find the right direction in the process of strategy implementation, lose themselves, and make competition ineffective

the biggest problem in strategic competition lies in the effective implementation of the strategy, in addition to the guiding mistakes in the formulation of the strategy

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