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The road to popular industrial robots: from following to catching up and surpassing

(Yi Huan/Wen) with the development of industrial manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, the era of transformation and upgrading of the global manufacturing industrial structure has occurred, and the industrial robots that account for half of intelligent manufacturing have ushered in a period of high-speed development. The major industrial robot manufacturers are catching up with each other, and spare no effort in terms of product solutions or strategic layout. The whole market is becoming more and more hot

among them, the performance of zhongweixing in Shenzhen is particularly outstanding. From products to strategies, zhongweixing has been recognized by the industry's high-level mechanical testing experimental machines, including many types. However, Rome was not built in a day. Shenzhen zhongweixing began to develop industrial robot control system as early as 2006. It is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in industrial robot research in China. At present, zhongweixing, including its parent company xinshida, is a rare company in China that can provide a full range of industrial robot products with level 4 shutdown SCARA and level 6 shutdown

at the cite exhibition held recently, zhongweixing brought many products and solutions, such as dual machine cooperative handling, arc following and grabbing platform, bus plane parallel connection, multi axis synchronous control, gantry synchronization, precision small arc operation control, dual machine lock attachment disassembly, dual machine dispensing, etc. At the same time, zhongweixing also released a new generation of drive control integrated technology and GR series SCARA during the exhibition, which attracted wide attention in the industry and pushed domestic robots to a new level of independent innovation, catching up and surpassing

catch up and surpass

at present, high-end industrial robots are taken over by German and Japanese enterprises, and Japanese enterprises are in the leading position in the R & D technology of key parts, including reducer and servo motor; German enterprises have more advantages in raw materials, body parts and operating systems. Compared with the leading enterprises in Germany and Japan, there is still a big gap in the technical level of domestic robots

in addition to itself, the core components of industrial robots, such as control system, servo system, reducer, screw and spline, account for% of the robot cost. At present, the whole is still dependent on imports, and domestic manufacturers need more efforts

Wang Liang said that zhongweixing has been developing industrial robot control systems since 2006. After more than 10 years of development, it has been working hard from following at the beginning to catching up and surpassing the world-class level. Zhongweixing has taken the lead in the research and development of industrial robots in China and played a leading role. For example, the drive control integrated industrial robot control system launched by the public in 2014 has triggered industry imitation. Until today, it is still the standard configuration of domestic lightweight robots

in order to expand the market share of domestic robots, enterprises also need to formulate reasonable project landing plans for different application scenarios in intelligent manufacturing, so that different types of robots can give full play to their advantages. Take SCARA robot for example, it moves quickly in the horizontal direction, which is suitable for some occasions that require speed and accuracy. All 3C electronic assemblies are applicable. Secondly, the joints of SCARA robot are horizontal series structure, which has great advantages in moving in the horizontal direction, so the horizontal handling and stacking are also suitable for it

at present, SCARA, which is widely used in foreign countries, is the product field that the public is interested in focusing on research and development. Wang Liang revealed that SCARA, which is popular with all, has covered many high-end industries, such as 3C, automotive electronics, new energy, lithium battery and so on. In addition, Wang Liang said that at present, zhongweixing has reached cooperation with well-known enterprises such as Foxconn. At the same time, with the unique development advantages of the electronic industry in Shenzhen, zhongweixing SCARA industrial robot knows how to go in the field of 3C, and the success of this line can not be ignored

according to Wang Liang, with the increase of production, there is still room for robot costs to fall significantly. SCARA robots and robot controllers are popular, with an increase of about 30% in 2018. This momentum will continue in 2019

in addition, Wang Liang suggested that while China's robot application market has achieved rapid growth, domestic robot products have also embarked on a path of independent research and development. From the perspective of the most intuitive patents, as of 2016, China has more than 90000 patents related to industrial robots. "Compared with countries where robots have developed for nearly a century, the number and quality of patents in China are far from enough, but in terms of the growth rate of patents, some companies have made breakthroughs in the research of robot core technology."

as always, the emergence and expansion of small batch and personalized production demand has made the traditional production mode and organization management form of manufacturing industry face new changes. Driven by the demand of 3C and other industries in China, the lightweight SCARA has shown explosive growth. As a representative brand of domestic SCARA, what role will it continue to play in the evolution of Intelligent Manufacturing in China in the future

in this regard, Wang Liang is symmetrical, and everyone is happy, and will continue to do industry segmentation as always. In addition to 3C, SCARA is waiting to tap the potential of processes in many industries, such as new energy, new energy, lock attachment, shoemaking, medicine, education and so on

at this cite exhibition, zhongweixing also held a new generation of drive control integrated technology and GR series SCARA release activity, opening the journey of domestic SCARA

it is reported that zhongweixing GR series SCARA gives full play to its speed by applying the best handling track on the site and the best speed curve; The structure is integrated into kinematic design to make SCARA more stable; Through years of motion control technology, SCARA is more accurate

finally, Wang Liang said that in addition to taking user value as the starting point, zhongweixing constantly solves the sustainability and innovation of difficult intelligent manufacturing processes, and perfectly presents its profound accumulation of operation control technology and the first brand image of domestic SCARA in front of the industry, zhongweixing is willing to contribute to made in China and the cultivation of technical talents

Wang Liang further said, "zhongweixing is willing to open its SCARA application technology, focus on key materials, and promote the transformation of labor-oriented talents to technical talents. At present, zhongweixing has established a complete theoretical and practical teaching curriculum system. From its own perspective, we are also actively looking for excellent partners in different industries to develop new subdivisions."

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