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Emerson's financial approach to energy integration

in recent years, the data concentration of the financial system has become an important cornerstone to improve the core competitiveness of the banking industry. On the one hand, it can carry out real-time risk control of financial business; On the other hand, it can support the large-scale and low-cost expansion of new businesses. At present, under the trend of extensive and centralized operation of data plastic granulator, the bank has begun to build and transform the existing network infrastructure, with the goal of building a backbone network integrating voice, video and data applications to improve its core competitiveness

although data centralization has many benefits, it also has risks, among which the financial security problem is the most prominent. A large number of important financial data are stored in the banking data center. Power failure, fire, system failure and improper human operation may cause the loss of key data. In addition, with the gradual increase of power equipment, the system has higher and higher professional requirements for maintenance. At present, banks generally lack special power equipment maintenance personnel, and there are many hidden dangers in network power safety

at the same time, the requirements of the banking system for network security and stability are increasing. The financial system urgently needs to find a new idea to create a stable, safe and usable network application platform for the new business model

first, high availability has become a trend

with the gradual deepening of the reform of commercial banks, the degree of informatization is constantly strengthening, Cui Lixin said. Major banks have begun the construction of large-scale data centers and disaster recovery backup centers, and the requirements for the application of network energy systems are also constantly improving. High availability has become the key to the selection of equipment for financial users, and integrated solutions have become the application hotspot

in the financial field, such materials are more used in aerospace engineering structural materials - if you can say so, it naturally looks quite tall. With the continuous deepening of manufacturers' grasp of user needs, the network energy system shows an obvious trend in application: from decentralized power supply to centralized power supply, from non-stop power supply to pure uninterrupted power supply; From paying attention to power supply guarantee to data security guarantee; From focusing on the high reliability of equipment to focusing on the high reliability and high availability of AC uninterruptible power supply system and environmental regulation system. Among them, the high availability of AC uninterruptible power supply system and environmental regulation system has become the primary core problem to be solved by the financial network energy system, and the pursuit of high availability and high stability of products has become the key

second, solve the "three dispersion" problem in an integrated way

as the heart, guarantee and support system of the whole network, the network energy system is an important part of the whole network. Therefore, reliability is becoming more and more important. From the perspective of users' needs, with the increasing demand for centralized applications, a full set of solutions from the mains power inlet to the load end can better meet users' requirements for high reliability. The power protection system extends to all links of the whole power system, so as to realize the high availability of the network. Under such circumstances, it is the general trend to establish a complete "network energy integration" network energy system

for the financial industry, an important part of informatization is the construction of financial computer room, and the integrated computer room system is particularly critical. Compared with the decentralized procurement, decentralized construction and decentralized management mode of various network energy equipment, the network energy integration solution has extremely prominent customer value. Emerson Network energy provides end-to-end integrated solutions that can effectively solve the above problems

unlike some ups manufacturers, Emerson's featured integrated solution not only provides UPS UPS system in terms of power protection, but also provides an overall solution for the power system of the financial machine room, including mains/standby generator, automatic switching system, AC distribution system, AC uninterruptible power system, precision distribution center system, DC uninterruptible power system, lightning protection and surge protection system Machine room environmental regulation system, power equipment and environmental monitoring system, etc. In practical application, if all equipment adopts AC power supply, there is no need to introduce DC uninterruptible power supply system

through the overall design, Emerson first improves the overall reliability and availability of the computer room, avoids problems, and nips them in the bud, so as to improve the delivery quality. Secondly, because we only deal with one product supplier, the overall cost of customer selection, procurement and engineering management is reduced, which helps customers focus on their core business and enhance their core competitiveness. Thirdly, in terms of project construction, it has solved various problems in project coordination and cooperation of multiple product suppliers, greatly improved the speed of project construction, shortened the project cycle, and accelerated the production of the computer room

three, one-stop service to achieve "all-round support"

now the bank's business philosophy is undergoing a fundamental change, the business model is also becoming more complex, the construction and maintenance of network energy system is more professional, and the system maintenance ability within the bank is generally weak. Emerson Network energy has launched a "one-stop service" that meets the needs of the financial industry

Emerson energy has a team of 300 equipment maintenance experts; Two experimental machines with too little oil all over the country can't work normally, and nine user service centers make the service network more effective and close to users; For the non Telecom distribution industry, Emerson Network energy has 24 national joint insurance service centers and five technical support centers; It has established a strong IT platform, and all maintenance businesses are fully supported by the IT system, which ensures timely communication and response with customers, and can realize maintenance services, and become a truly reliable partner for customers in network energy construction

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