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BenQ's employment method

military method: "the requirements for surface roughness in military use are different, and there is no fixed way. For example, if water has no fixed flow direction, and can win according to the changes of the enemy's situation, military use is like God". The author believes that the employment of enterprises is like the army marching to fight, which needs to teach students according to their aptitude and assign special personnel to be full-time. Talent selection has always been an issue that BenQ attaches great importance to. On the premise of putting aside the market, we know that the quality of sales performance mainly depends on objectives, processes, skills, knowledge and attitudes of salespersons. However, whether these factors can be successfully implemented in the enterprise depends entirely on the composition of team members and the quality of team members

a reasonable team composition requires a wide range of talents, each of whom has his or her own expertise. How to give full play to the characteristics of employees and make them meet the cultural needs and job requirements of the enterprise? At present, domestic enterprises are not very good at this aspect. However, in BenQ, when recruiting new employees, enterprises will let them do some relevant evaluations, including psychological aspects, personality aspects, post skills and so on. Based on these test results, the company can accurately grasp the personality characteristics of employees and see whether this person meets the requirements of corporate culture, so as to arrange employees to a suitable position, give full play to their abilities and create more benefits for the enterprise in the shortest time

in terms of corporate culture, it is the working style and attitude shared by a group of people in the enterprise. It is accumulated experience, but it can also be deliberately shaped. Personality and personality are innate and usually difficult to change, so find the right person who is consistent with the corporate cultural values at the beginning, and he will not make deviant behavior after entering the company. A group of right people are like water drops in the core culture, radiating the energy of the cultural water source to all people, things and things around. BenQ's corporate culture makes all BenQ people just like those printed in the same mold: modest, down-to-earth, confident and social

honest people work hard, smart people work with their brains; Honest people are not smart, and they are always slow and inefficient; Cong, but this is the first time that such ingredients are used in season 4 tires. Mingren is dishonest and always opportunistic, which will eventually lose people's trust in him; Only honest and smart people will pursue their own interests while taking into account the interests of team colleagues and the company as a whole. Therefore, the employees needed by BenQ are "honest and smart people"

in the eyes of BenQ people, "honesty" and "intelligence" are not opposites, but closely integrated and mutually supportive concepts. BenQ's advanced management ideas and mature, sophisticated universal experimental motor tension machine can stretch, twist, tighten or puncture plastic splines at a controlled speed, creating a large number of professionals. But if you only change the single extensive plastic granulator into a combination, and the intelligent plastic granulator only has solid professional skills, it is not enough. In BenQ, a learning family, you also need to have good personal qualities such as integrity, sureness, innovation and so on. With excellent corporate culture as the core, the company enables employees to comprehensively improve the quality of humanities, EQ, IQ, leadership and other aspects in this good growth and learning environment, and has imported a large number of excellent talents for the development and expansion of the company

at the same time, the company also stressed that a person's success is not success, only the success of the team and synchronous development is the real success. A successful leader of a team does not depend on how much he can do, but on his ability to clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages of each subordinate and lead the whole team to work together; Similarly, as a leader, we should have the capacity to accommodate people. To be exact, it should be more appropriate to accommodate people with wisdom. Work is work. You can't mix your personal preferences with it. You must be fair and just, and be on the case

the way of employing people is the most important link in any enterprise. Only by building an efficient team can we make great progress. The company should be good at discovering, exploring and giving full play to the skills of its subordinates, and rely on a complete talent cultivation model to make the company produce more and faster talents. Therefore, "if you use people improperly, you will get twice the result with half the effort; if you use people properly, you will get twice the result with half the effort". (end)

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