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Market analysis of water-based printing slotting machine

at present, water-based printing is widely used in carton printing of carton production enterprises. More gears limit the size of parts, and brush slotting machine makes the market of water-based printing slotting machine develop rapidly. The demand of large, medium and small carton manufacturing enterprises for equipment is determined by the products produced, the scale of enterprises and economic strength. Large enterprises generally use high-grade water-based printing slotting machines because of their high requirements for product printing quality, large quantities, many specifications and strong economic strength. However, small and medium-sized carton manufacturing enterprises have relatively single products and small batches, which do not have high requirements for printing quality. One color and two color can be used. Medium and low-grade water-based printing slotting machines are usually used. Therefore, the enterprises that produce packaging and printing machinery must be treated separately. They should not only meet the needs of large enterprises to produce high-grade carton products, but also meet the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises to produce medium and low-grade carton products, so as to achieve the comprehensive development of high, medium and low-grade products

meet the needs of small and medium-sized carton enterprises with medium and low-grade products

most of the small and medium-sized enterprises are tertiary factories, mainly producing cartons by purchasing cardboard. Due to the single product, small batch size and few colors, it is common to buy single color and two-color water-based printing slotting machines or printing machines without slotting. The transmission method is manual chain or electric chain machine, which is cheap and can adapt to the product structure and economic strength. Some enterprises buy three color water-based printing products bright brush slotting machine, or choose manual or motor. Although the revision is slow and the speed is slow, the customer has low requirements for product quality, so this product is more in line with the actual production situation of the third-class factory

China's tertiary factories account for more than 80% of carton production enterprises. The increase or replacement speed of medium and low-grade water-based printing slotting machines is very fast, and the market sales volume is very large. Yunnan Xingze machinery manufacturing enterprises should not abandon the production of low-grade machines because of low prices and thin profits. They must meet the needs of small and medium-sized carton enterprises

meet the needs of large enterprises with high-end products

large carton production enterprises with annual sales of more than 100million yuan. The enterprise is large-scale, the product structure is complex, the product varieties and specifications are many, the batch is large, and the quality requirements are high. Most of the customers are well-known domestic manufacturers, and what they need is high-end cartons popular with consumers. Use high-speed, high-precision, automatic water-based printing slotting machine or water-based printing die-cutting machine to achieve accurate color registration, bright colors, strong realism and beautiful lines, so that the products can match the packaging box

some packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises strive to improve the technical content. In recent years, they have studied foreign advanced technology and developed high-end, high-speed and high-precision automatic water-based printing slotting machines. Such as Shanghai Dinglong, Chaochang, Jinchang, Qingyun, Guangdong Oriental, Hubei Jingshan, Shaanxi beiren printing machine and other enterprises. Most of the components and electrical appliances of these enterprises are imported from advanced countries and processed domestically to form complete machines, so the price is relatively high, generally ranging from 1.5 million yuan to 3 million yuan, which is suitable for large carton manufacturing enterprises with strong economic strength to purchase

China's large carton manufacturing enterprises account for only about 5% of the whole industry, reflecting that although there is still a large gap between the scientific and technological level and the technical content of China's water-based printing slotting machine and the international advanced level, the distance is narrowing, and it is expected to take another five years or so to catch up with the international level

development trend of water-based printing slotting machine

at present, international advanced countries such as the United States, Japan, France, Italy, Germany and other carton production have achieved two-stop process, while China has only achieved one-stop process. For example, the corrugated board production line ensures that the parts are light in weight. The production line only combines the original backward processes into a one-stop production process of the corrugated board production line, basically realizing the continuous production after the merger. The quality of paperboard has been improved, and the old process production situation has been eliminated. The production of the previous process of the corrugated paperboard production line has been basically fully mechanized. However, the latter process is still divided into printing, slotting, slitting, nailing box and packaging. The water-based printing slotting machine solves the printing and slotting, while slitting, die cutting, nailing box and packaging are still separated. Therefore, the next process is the focus of future development. Its development trend is to realize the one-stop production process of printing, die cutting, gluing boxes, and bundling, so as to realize automation and continuity. The latter one-stop has not been developed in China and basically depends on imports. At present, Shanghai imports from Japan and South Korea

in order to be in line with international standards, packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises must invest in R & D funds and start to develop backward one-stop production equipment with high scientific and technological content. At present, the opportunity is very good. The Ministry of finance allocates funds to the China Packaging Federation every year as the industry's scientific research and development funds to invest in high-tech projects to realize the revitalization of packaging through science and technology. It is suggested that powerful packaging machinery manufacturers should pay attention to the research and development of back-to-back one-stop production equipment, fill the gap for the country and make contributions to the development of carton packaging in China

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