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SINOTRUK Guangkai's road to excellence is to move towards the future with the attitude of reform and innovation

SINOTRUK Guangkai's road to excellence is to move towards the future with the attitude of reform and innovation

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the magnificent cause begins with dreams, based on innovation, and comes to fruition. At the most critical period of reform and development, China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation is forging ahead to build a world-class full series commercial vehicle group with stronger confidence, stronger measures and stronger spirit

China's 40 years of reform and opening up have drawn a magnificent and magnificent historical picture. Since entering the new era, the reform has reached the critical period and deep-water area. No enterprise can escape the market economic law of survival of the fittest and survival of the fittest. As Tan Xuguang, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Shandong heavy industry group and Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of SINOTRUK group, said, "the reform of state-owned enterprises is not a new thing. Every time in the process of state-owned enterprise reform, as long as we seize the opportunity to thoroughly reform, the enterprise is full of youth."

"talent is the rule of the world." Talent is an important indicator to measure the comprehensive ability of an enterprise. Without a high-quality talent team, it is difficult for sinotruk to successfully realize its dream. Only by fully cultivating and making good use of talents, letting young people grow and useful people play a role, can enterprises have hope and dreams come true

cope with the development, but because the new generation of foreign products have matured and entered the market in large numbers, choose talents and use

the most extraordinary success is not to surpass others, but to defeat yourself; The most valuable persistence is not long suffering, but always maintaining the original heart. Facing the sunshine of the new year, sinotruk has the courage to face up to its own problems, launched an open competition for all middle-level cadres, and started a round of self revolution with the spirit of forging itself

after three rounds of screening, nearly 100 people in the first batch of public competition have produced more than 20 department heads. Together with the departments adjusted and appointed in the early stage and the departments not adjusted, the main heads of the secondary departments are all in place. Among them, three competent (section level) cadres stood out and became department level cadres; More than 20 cadres at the level of director were promoted to the deputy department, and more than 10 cadres of the deputy department competed to be recruited as the head department. This public competition and adjustment involves nearly 300 people. It is the first time in the history of China National Heavy duty truck that the scale and transparency are high

after the first round of competition, the original middle-level cadres of SINOTRUK decreased by nearly 120, a year-on-year decrease of 30%. From the perspective of age structure, the proportion of middle-level cadres over the age of 50 decreased significantly; The proportion of people aged 40 to 50 and under 40 increased significantly

the adjustment and reduction of cadres are based on various factors such as redundant employees, too many positions, aging and so on, which more reflects a responsibility for the future development of the enterprise. It is the responsibility of the leading group of China National Heavy duty truck to accelerate young cadres to take up important positions and build a reserve force at the two and three levels for leading cadres. Deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises is not only for challenges, but also for seizing opportunities; Not only for short-term goals, but also for long-term planning; Not only the requirements of the times, but also history. The reform of SINOTRUK has taken a key step and achieved phased victory

grasp the pulse of the situation and forge a good army

the strength of enterprises must depend on talent teams in the final analysis. In order to take the road of innovative development, sinotruk must attach great importance to the gathering of talent teams, select talents and cultivate them, cast a good army of generals, reform and seek change, innovate and develop, vigorously cultivate and cultivate a team of innovative talents with reasonable structure and excellent quality, establish a medium and senior team with the ability to control complex situations, and lead all cadres and employees to forge ahead

in accordance with the 16 character state-owned enterprise reform policy of "improving governance, strengthening incentives, highlighting the main business and improving efficiency", the market-oriented mechanism of "managers can be promoted or demoted, employees can enter or leave, and income can be increased or decreased", and the professional manager system of "market-oriented recruitment, contractual management, differentiated compensation, and market-oriented exit", sinotruk has drawn up the direction of cadre and personnel reform, The ideas and requirements of reform are fully in line with the spirit of the Central Committee. Open competition for cadres is to boldly use those doers who want to reform, pursue careers, and be good at economics, who are still in the period of important strategic opportunities for development, speed up the promotion of those young people who have ideas, are aggressive, and have potential, take responsibility for those who are responsible, let those who are capable have positions, and say no to those who are not capable. Only in this way can we achieve high-quality development

reform is forced by problems, and at the same time, it is constantly deepened in the process of solving problems. In the new era, the development of the enterprise is more urgent and arduous than ever before. China National Heavy Duty Truck (sinotruk) is moving towards the future with the attitude of reform and innovation, focusing on the development of its main business, improving operation efficiency, and straightening out the corporate governance structure and operation management mode as soon as possible in accordance with the principles of simplification, efficiency and flattening, so as to fully create positive energy for enterprise development

to comprehensively deepen reform, we need to face the wind and waves, be bold and overcome difficulties, which means breaking the original balance of interests and showing greater courage and courage. The premise of interest adjustment is fairness, impartiality and transparency. We should adhere to the consistency of labor, assessment, advancement and retreat, and sharing, and firmly promote reform. With the spirit of reform and innovation, sinotruk vigorously creates a good remediation ecosystem, establishes a strong management team, forms a distinctive corporate culture, and stands at the peak of the industry with a new attitude

seize the opportunity and lead the wind of innovation

at present, China heavy truck is facing unprecedented development changes, the national economic adjustment is deepening, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform is approaching rapidly, and the enterprise has abundant South China Sea Route resources, and there are many new problems in its operation and development. In the face of these new situations, new challenges and new goals, we must quickly adjust, innovate thinking, innovative methods and innovative models, boldly break through tradition and authority, and deal with new problems of development with innovative thinking

in order to realize the strategic vision of being at the forefront of China and leading the world in the full range of commercial vehicles, sinotruk will further strengthen the recruitment of talents such as new energy, smart alliance and smart manufacturing, provide market competitive compensation, increase the recruitment plan in 2019 to 1000 people, and increase the introduction of medium and high-end talents at home and abroad

in order to build an iron and steel team and a teacher of tigers and wolves, sinotruk continues to create a good ecosystem, stimulate innovation vitality, let the capable come out and let the capable go, actively create an ecosystem of gathering first-class talents, open up the development channel of employees, implement the dual channel development of position and specialty, open up the promotion and development channel of professional talents, and stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to expand the breadth and depth of their jobs, Let "backbone" and "craftsman" see the future and hope of professional development. Accelerate the growth of Post-70s and post-80s cadres, fully implement the succession plan, and promote the younger cadres. Realize the communication between various talent teams such as cadres, experts and technicians, broaden the career development channels of technical and marketing talents, and give full play to the professional advantages of expert talents

in the new era, the reform work of China's heavy duty truck is being linked and won step by step. Sinotruk sincerely respects all kinds of talents, so that the vitality of innovation and creation can be fully burst out, so that cadres who dare to take on and do something can be motivated and ambitious, so that more people can find a stage for life to be brilliant. The main ingredients contained in refined polyurethane foam are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and less than 10% nitrogen. We should unite and work together, fill up oil, stabilize the rudder, muster our strength, and write a chapter of the times with struggle and struggle, No force can stop sinotruk from realizing its dream

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