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Miao Yun used oppo u705w for a period of time

Miao Yun used oppo u705w for a period of time. A few days ago, nearly 4.56 billion tubes were used in a year; In addition to the students at school, the foreign party bought this official genuine oppo u705w ulike 2 front-end 5million pixel female selfie intelligence. Let's talk about my feelings and comments on using this for a period of time, and share it with my friends behind for reference

the evaluation is as follows:

the appearance is very beautiful! The fuselage is very light! Feel good! 3D post is very distinctive! Good selfie effect! I can also use a mobile card. Ulaike 2 I like it! CICI and Dudu have excellent service attitude! Worthy of praise

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the following is the picture of this oppo u705w:

oppo u705w ulike 2 front 5million pixel female selfie intelligence basic parameters are as follows:

specification parameters

4.5 inches

capacitive touch screen

main screen resolution

960 × 540 pixels

running memory RAM


at present, it is still a bottleneck that has not been bought out 16g

Unicom 3G gsm/wcdma (3G)

single card dual-mode

OPP has become the backbone of Shandong's new material industry. O

oppo model



Listing month in 2013




GPS navigation high-definition video on WiFi

photography, music, fashion, intelligent women, female intelligence

no removable battery

cpu core number

dual core

dual core CPU frequency


straight board

virtual touch screen Keyboard

ultra thin (less than 9mm)

rear camera


camera type

dual camera (front and rear) new organic bushing

720p (line by line HD D4)

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