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The road to differentiation of LED intelligent lighting

intelligent lighting is very hot now, but at the same time, we are facing another big puzzle: do you like it or not. People who do it feel very good, and consumers don't buy it. Less intelligent lighting shipments, which also brings another problem: large input and small output. Many peers have invested a lot in group, centralized control, cloud platform, big data, light environment control and so on, but the output is unexpectedly small. This is a huge challenge and opportunity we face. How can we make a breakthrough

then where is the fundamental reason and the beautiful user experience? I think it is the best answer to this question. Let's think about our traditional lamps and lanterns. How to do it is nothing more than to go over and press the switch. It's an action. And now we see the intelligent lighting app. Take it out, find your app, and then find the button in the app. Is this a good user experience

in terms of intelligent lighting, we have also explored for two years, and the investment is also very large. Through this period of exploration, we see such things. The real thing is that intelligence is to provide convenience and comfort for work and life. We feel that if you can't provide convenience and comfort for work and avoid surface adhesion, it's pseudo intelligence, which you play by yourself, and consumers won't recognize it

from supporting chips to providing application solutions, similar to some reference solutions and technical support, to independent research and development and providing differentiated solutions. In terms of intelligent lighting, we have always followed the principle of providing users with real intelligence, convenience and comfort. Through partners, that is, lamp manufacturers and distributors, to provide to the final market

[thinking about the shape of a desktop at last]

the road to innovation is very difficult and tangled. The following points are prominent:

First: how to accurately respond to the needs of the market. Our solution to this point is to segment the market, achieve accurate positioning, and conduct in-depth research on the use

second: the difficulty of large investment in innovation and slow effectiveness. We should be responsible for our own survival. In response to this problem, we have a very open attitude, division of labor and cooperation within the industry, so as to improve input and output

third: easy to be copied. A big challenge is to solve this problem. On the one hand, we apply for patents to protect intellectual property rights, but this trick can't be completely effective. Even if you have a patent, you may also be copied. On the other hand, we adopt serialization and iterative research and development. You can copy what I did yesterday, but you can't copy what I do today and tomorrow


at present, we think it is a very good development direction in terms of cloud platform, big data and interconnection. Before the technology is not so mature and recognition compatibility is not so good, we choose the intelligent sensing part, which integrates the three major chip technologies of optics, electronics and sensing based on user experience, Make a more innovative scheme to jointly cultivate the intelligent sensing of the R & D team, which can automatically perceive and do not need to be manipulated manually

think about your special friction coefficient tester for the film industry. It's very late to come home from work. You may have a computer bag and key in your hand, and the light will naturally light up as soon as you enter the door. Mother's hands are oily when cooking. When she feels that the light is not enough, she doesn't need to wash her hands, wipe them, and then go to the switch. She just needs to wave her hands to adjust the brightness and color temperature

when you get out of bed at night, you don't have to feel for the switch. I will light it up automatically for you. The light placed at the head of the bed will light up slowly when you get up. Turn off the light automatically when you go to bed and turn on the light automatically when you get out of bed. The important thing is that you can't make mistakes when you dream and turn over in bed. Everyone doesn't want the light to turn on when you are sleeping soundly. Despite your natural actions, you should get up, get up, go to bed, and this small scheme will help you turn on and off automatically. If you don't want the light, it won't turn on. It can perceive you whether you are dreaming or making love

we also continue to research and develop in the direction of perception, interconnection and intelligent control (including automatic perception, interconnection and intelligent control). Imagine that when our protocols are connected with each other, intelligent perception will send your objective needs to the central control center, and then do a series of control is a very good thing

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