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Book binding adhesive market analysis report

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Abstract: book binding adhesive market analysis report from China's current book binding adhesive market, the current adhesive market can use mainstream products with distinct and complete grades, and users can get what they need, According to the analysis of the application of adhesives, the binding quality problems caused by adhesives can be solved by three methods. The prediction and Prospect of the binding adhesive market for books and periodicals hope to continuously improve the product quality, gradually standardize the market, and promote the improvement of the binding quality

in recent years, in the printing industry, the binding quality of books and periodicals has become a topic of increasing concern, and people's attention has focused on the relatively backward field of post press binding. In book binding, there are many factors that affect the binding quality, including equipment level, material quality, technology and management. Among them, adhesive, as an indispensable adhesive material in bookbinding, plays an important role in various bookbinding processes. The influence of its performance and quality on bookbinding quality and market conditions are issues of common concern, and it is also a topic often exchanged by adhesive manufacturers, printing and bookbinding manufacturers and experts in addition to the above functions

I. market context

the current adhesive market can be summarized by the distinct mainstream products, complete grades, and users' respective needs

mainstream product eva

there are many kinds of adhesives used for book binding. We have made extensive contact with product suppliers and users mainly around the hot melt adhesive products with the largest amount in the binding process

in recent years, the publishing cycle has been continuously shortened, and the printing speed and quality requirements of books and periodicals have been continuously improved. In order to meet this requirement, the fast drying synthetic resin adhesive stands out and becomes the leader in today's book binding adhesives. The synthetic resin EVA hot melt adhesive is used in the high-speed wireless adhesive binding linkage production line and single machine. It has the advantages of fast drying speed, short curing time and convenient operation. It can be used only by physical mixing at room temperature, heating and melting to a certain degree and turning into liquid. Therefore, the glue melting device is simple and the binding speed is improved. For binding enterprises, the cost investment is less, which is accepted by the majority of users. It is the "first glue" in the binding field at present

the survey also shows that there are fewer domestic users of animal environmental friendly adhesives, but there is a gradual growth trend. Foreign manufacturers have built factories in China to invest in the production of adhesive products that meet the environmental protection requirements advocated internationally. For example, Shanghai fengni Davis adhesive Co., Ltd. is an adhesive manufacturer mainly producing animal bone glue. Its products are oriented to the book binding and packaging market

Since its birth in 1989, PUR hot melt adhesive has developed rapidly because of its super viscosity, unique flexibility, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and other excellent properties. In 1995, there were only 28 users in North America, and by the end of 2002, it had grown to more than 50. The domestic market has also been opened, but users are more wait-and-see, less used, and concentrated in Guangdong

the product range and grade are complete

because there are many kinds of books and periodicals binding products with different grades, each has its own requirements for adhesive products

the technical level of printing plants will drive the product innovation and production of adhesives. For example, the high-end printing enterprises with high production level in the mainland are mostly concentrated in the coastal areas of Guangdong, and mainly focus on the printing of high-quality books and periodicals. Therefore, the coastal areas of Guangdong constitute the main application market of high-grade adhesives, and some large-scale integrated printing enterprises in the mainland are also the main users of high-grade adhesives

at this stage, domestic high-end adhesive products for bookbinding mainly come from some multinational companies and joint ventures. For example, German Henkel (Tianjin) International Trade Co., Ltd. and national starch Chemistry (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. generally have an annual output of about 500 tons. The main users in China are large-scale joint venture printing and binding enterprises, and the range of users is relatively narrow. However, high-end adhesive products provide a guarantee for the quality of high-quality books and play a guiding role in the market. For example, Henkel joined hands with many international printing and binding machinery manufacturers such as Martini and Kolbus to become a leader in promoting pur adhesives in China. At the same time, several major manufacturers will also adopt the "downward compatibility" method to produce low-cost products to develop the low-end market and meet the needs of customers of different grades

the medium and high-end product market is basically controlled by Wuxi Wanli adhesive material factory, which accounts for nearly 30% of the domestic market share and has an annual output of 2000 tons. At present, Wuxi Wanli has a wide range of sales in China. Whether in terms of technology progressiveness or market share, it is a shielding mechanism with absorption as the main mechanism, representing the highest level of domestic domestic book binding adhesive production enterprises, and is a leading enterprise in the field of domestic book binding adhesive production. Wuxi Wanli, with strong R & D capacity and production scale, has begun to enter the high-end market and has the production capacity of PUR hot melt adhesive products. However, it holds a wait-and-see attitude in terms of promotion and advocates that it should make every effort to attack when the time is ripe. At the same time, in terms of market expansion of EVA hot melt adhesive, we have never stopped. We are aiming at the high-end market, developing new varieties through cooperation, and competing with imported products. This "upward compatible" approach will undoubtedly expand its product market

in addition, for the convenience of users, all provinces and cities have a wide range of adhesive manufacturers for book binding, which are mainly for local printing and binding enterprises. According to teacher Wang huaizhu, in Beijing, adhesive manufacturers of a certain scale mainly include Zhongqing adhesive Co., Ltd. and Beijing Wensheng printing materials Co., Ltd. located in Yanjiao, Beijing. Their users are all over Beijing and surrounding areas, with an annual output of about 1000 tons

adhesives are consumables with large consumption in book binding. Some printing manufacturers have found another way to set up their own glue factories. In addition to meeting the needs of their own enterprises, they also sell adhesives to printing factories and binding factories. For example, Jinan Huafu printing materials Co., Ltd. (affiliated to Shandong Xinhua Printing Factory) has stable product performance and supplies printing and binding enterprises with high-efficiency transmission system and high-performance electromechanical in Shandong. At the same time, we also take advantage of the training of binding equipment to promote our products to other provinces. Some users believe that the biggest advantage of the self-made adhesive linear rotation combination friction and wear tester is that it can find problems and improve in time when binding with the adhesive produced by itself. However, professional adhesive manufacturers have criticisms about this form of operation

there are also some shoddy workshop manufacturers in the adhesive industry. In order to reduce costs, carry out illegal operations and arbitrarily reduce production processes, the product quality is not guaranteed, and fake and inferior books and periodicals are mostly bound with this kind of adhesive. The price of such products is low, which affects the binding quality, disrupts the adhesive market, and affects the normal sales of high-quality products. Among them, some manufacturers only produce adhesives according to one formula without any technicians, and the product quality is unknown. What's more, the cost can be reduced by cutting corners or adding substitutes for main raw materials. For example, EVA hot-melt adhesive for books and periodicals stipulates that the content of EVA cannot be less than 50%, but many products on the market do not meet this standard. If these manufacturers do not improve their product level as soon as possible, they can only be eliminated under the situation of comprehensively improving the binding quality

choose products and pay attention to price

there are rich varieties of books and periodicals, and the paper and ink used are ever-changing, which leads to the diversity of book binding, and then requires adhesives to adapt to it in terms of type and performance. Facing different products, the binding Department generally selects the corresponding adhesives according to the process requirements and binding grade requirements. Follow the principle of "comparing price with equal quality and quality with equal price"

from the perspective of users, when selecting adhesive, users not only pay attention to the cost performance of adhesive, but also pay more attention to the "book publishing rate" of adhesive, that is, under the premise of a certain thickness and area of adhesive used for binding a book, adhesive with the same weight can bond the number of books, which is also a specific manifestation of the pursuit of sex price ratio. The high publishing rate means that the binding cost is reduced. However, it cannot be denied that some binding factories do not know the performance and use of adhesives very well, and sometimes choose the wrong glue

the selection of adhesives is also related to the price to a large extent. Take about 3.6 billion adhesive bound student textbooks in China every year as an example. For the sake of cost, the textbook paper mostly adopts the brittle book edition paper. In order to make up for this weakness, the adhesive with good flexibility should have been used for bonding, but the price of the hot melt adhesive with good flexibility is high. For the student textbooks with large output, many small binding manufacturers can't afford it. Second, they use the low-quality adhesive that doesn't match the paper, resulting in the quality failure that shouldn't have occurred in the binding process

is the price really insurmountable? Wang huaizhu, a post press binding expert, said from the perspective of cost performance that the price of some high-quality domestic adhesives is not very expensive. Due to the use of imported raw materials, the performance and quality are stable, but the price is lower than that of imported adhesives of the same quality. It is suggested that users with more binding problems can change to better domestic adhesives to ensure quality

the price rise of raw materials and the improvement of quality are blocked.

the world oil price rose in the second half of this year, and the price of EVA hot melt adhesive generally rose by about 300 ~ 500 yuan/ton, which is a powerful shock wave for the book and magazine binding adhesive market, which has always relied on imported raw materials, making it more difficult for domestic binding manufacturers to show their strength. For large-scale manufacturers with a certain scale, the impact is not small, and for small binding enterprises that are already struggling, it is undoubtedly a basin of cold water for the plan that just wants to improve the grade of materials and the quality of binding

at the same time, due to the consideration of reducing costs and the government's requirements to reduce textbook printing costs, binding enterprises encounter resistance when they intend to increase binding costs with the rise of raw material prices

II. Application analysis

all parties in the industry agree that the binding quality problems caused by adhesives should be solved mainly from three aspects: the quality of adhesives, the compatibility with other equipment and materials, and the quality of operators

first of all, the aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance and tensile property of the adhesive directly affect the quality of the adhesive. The better the anti-aging property is, the more valuable the bound books and periodicals are and the stronger the preservation is. The stronger the high and low temperature resistance is, the more suitable it is to the changes of ambient temperature and humidity. Proper tensile strength and shore hardness can avoid the phenomenon of scattered pages in books and periodicals

secondly, the compatibility of adhesive with binding equipment, paper and ink should be considered. Good binding equipment, paper with matching surface suitability and other conditions can have a good adhesive effect

after the above factors are properly controlled, the previous efforts will be wasted if the operators operate improperly. For example, if the operator controls the temperature improperly, it will directly affect the adhesive effect

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