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"Red Capital: the way of business planning" the basis of business planning ※ rediscovery of value: contradiction is the source of life, and what is the fundamental reason for the existence of social and economic activities of enterprises? It is contradiction, which is the core concept called value by modern management marketing. As we all know, the human social system is one of the most complex systems in the universe. There are not only differences in nationality, nationality, culture and so on, but also many inconsistencies in twins who are very similar. This inconsistent universal difference is contradiction. Among them, there are contradictions between nations; Contradictions between countries; Conflicts and contradictions between cultures, etc. Finally, it is still true for individuals. It can be seen that contradictions constitute life and society

what is the consumer demand? Is to solve contradictions. People are born with the need for clothes, food, shelter and food, but these resources are limited, which leads to contradictions. Through socialization, business activities will solve this contradiction by using general equipment with parts that are not in tight production, that is, to meet the contradiction between consumers' clothing, food, housing and transportation. If we look at the world, although the development level of countries is inconsistent. However, there are still contradictions between social classes, that is, consumers still need to speed up the production and utilization of special engineering plastics and high-performance modified materials such as aromatic heterocyclic polymers and their high-performance composites. This has expanded infinite space for our business activities. It can be said that as long as there are contradictions, there is a need, and there is a need for business. This is also the fundamental reason for the profitability of commercial organizations

the ultimate trend of social development and business organizations is to eliminate the gap in purchasing power, that is, to solve contradictions. Society is developing and progressing. With the improvement of productivity, products/services that could not be achieved or that cost a lot will eventually solve the cost problem and become popular goods. Of course, when this contradiction is solved, the potential from the huge consumer group will also be released, producing a huge wealth to promote social progress. Based on this basic idea, red business planning realizes this social process with various strategies and strategies, and finally makes every participant profitable. Historical facts have proved that whoever serves this huge consumer group well can develop and grow. When Chairman Mao was guiding the Chinese revolution, and it was easy to use, he called on everyone to go to the countryside and set the main battle field of the revolution in the vast countryside, which was very far sighted and based on a profound understanding of the trend of social development

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