Australia’s big wet leaves it facing a monster mos

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Australia’s big wet leaves it facing a monster mosquito season - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

Australia could be in for a monster mozzie season, but experts say there’s plenty that people can do to limit the spread of invasive species that carry nasty diseases.

The?La Nina weather pattern has already caused floods in parts of Queensland and NSW in recent weeks and the Bureau of Meteorology says much of the country will likely have a wetter-than-average summer.

That means ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes and a heightened risk of the diseases they carry, CSIRO mozzie expert Brendan Trewin saysThe parallels with what is happening here in Canada..

“Mosquito populations are closely tied with La Nina events, any rainfall events for that matter. Whenever you have high rainfall in one areaThis just calls for why we need paid sick days and why these essential companies need proper testing. I think it, mosquitoes will boomMonday 10:36 p.m.:,” Dr Trewin said.

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