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The circuit is a concealed project of home decoration. If there is a problem in the future, it will be troublesome to repair. In this small series, I will introduce the precautions in hydropower construction

circuit is a concealed project of home decoration. If there is a problem in the future, it will be very troublesome to repair. Here, I will introduce the precautions in hydropower construction

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there are two main reasons for the most problems in Hydropower Construction: first, electricians have no relevant certificates at all, and have not undergone formal electrician operation learning, resulting in non-standard construction; In addition, it violates the circuit construction specifications in order to cut corners and obtain more benefits. Owners should pay attention to the unity of the color of electrical wires in circuit construction, which is the most problematic. Secondly, the cassette is damaged and the lock nut is not installed. Finally, the layout planning is unreasonable, which is suspected of detouring to increase the length

not only the quality of the telephone line should be guaranteed, in the selection of switches and sockets, it is best to choose brand products, or products with safety certification marks, and should be purchased in large building materials stores. Don't be greedy for cheap. Buy products without manufacturers and certification marks in some hardware stores, so as to avoid risks caused by fake and shoddy products. In wet environments such as toilets, special moisture-proof sockets must be used. Air conditioners and other electrical appliances with large power consumption should be wired separately and use special sockets

in the process of new house decoration, many citizens often pay attention to the quality and safety of carpentry and bricklaying, ignoring circuit installation. As everyone knows, the safety performance of these concealed works is more important. Once they are reworked, it will make you uncomfortable. The project is dynamic, time-consuming, laborious and expensive

precautions for circuit construction of various parts:

ceiling: the correct construction method for lighting line protection on the ceiling is to thread the lighting line into the yellow wax pipe, and then bury it in the shallow groove opened on the ceiling. In this photo, the electrician of the top lighting line wrapped with insulating tape and buried it is a wrong practice. The insulating tape will become sticky and then soften and become invalid after a long time. It is very unsafe to bury it in the wall, and it can't protect the wire at all

in the wall: the wires buried in the wall must be protected through pipes, and the cassette for installing the panel must be intact and firm, so as to protect the wires inside. In the picture, there is a line of wire that is not threaded, and the electrician broke the cassette when threading. Readers must check carefully when decorating, and do not let such a cassette be installed in your home

floor: pay attention to floor laying and wiring. In the wiring construction, if the ground is paved with floors, whether composite or solid wood (bamboo), experts recommend that citizens lay wires at the foot of the wall behind the skirting board as much as possible, but embed a small section of wire pipe at the wall insert, door or through the wall to the back of the skirting board. There should be no dead bends in the middle of the wire pipe, and lead wires should be left in the pipe. When the floor is paved but the skirting board has not been installed, the wires should be threaded in. After the skirting board is installed, you will not see any traces of wiring, which is very beautiful. As the floor laying is carried out in the final stage of the decoration project, threading when laying the floor can effectively prevent accidental damage to the wire rod during the long construction period. When citizens want to change or add lines, it is very convenient to remove the skirting board. Because the line pipe does not go under the floor, it is not necessary to cut off the wooden keel under the solid wood (bamboo) floor (except for the line pipe and the wooden keel with the same direction), so as to improve the construction quality and reduce or even avoid the possibility of sound when the solid wood (bamboo) floor is stepped on

floor tiles: if the floor of a new home is paved with floor tiles, it is best to embed conduit in the wiring. The function of conduit is not only to protect wires, but also to facilitate the replacement of wires

connection between cassette and conduit: the lock nut is not installed in the connection between cassette and conduit, which is the most frequently found on the construction site. Some construction sites are not installed at all, some are installed partially, and some are missing. If you find that all of them are not installed during the decoration, it means that the electrician has changed, and some of them are missing. You need to tell the project manager that the electrician should work carefully

if you find such a situation after the installation of the circuit in your home, it is suggested that you should carefully and comprehensively check the circuit. This is not a job done by an electrician, but by someone casually found in the Andemen labor market. Giving him a pencil is done by an electrician. Hurry to investigate the decoration company to see if it is a guerrilla who makes up for the number

according to the specification, the thickness of the protective layer of the pipeline buried in the wall should reach 10mm. We often see that the slotting is too shallow on some construction sites, and a little pipeline is exposed after being sealed with cement. These are all wrong. In the figure, not only the groove opening depth is not enough, but also the width is not enough. The three pipelines are stacked together, so it is difficult to level the wall in the future





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