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Langyuan group comprehensively improves the professional skills and sales skills of the dealer team in the form of regular training, creates a professional, dedicated and passionate dealer team, and fully supports the dealers to embark on the road of wealth and realize the dream of wealth

the decisive terminal wins at the starting line

langyuan group comprehensively improves the professional skills and sales skills of the dealer team in the form of regular training, creates a professional, dedicated and passionate dealer team, and fully supports the dealers to embark on the road of wealth and realize the dream of wealth

at the beginning of the intensive training, everyone was divided into four groups: the "must win" team, the "Zhan Lang" team, the "awesome my regiment" team, and the "Xueba" team. In the study, they PK each other and strive for high scores

introduction to brand culture and strategic planning

Mr. Wu Weijie, deputy general manager of langyuan group and tutor of langyuan Shu aluminum business school, first made a detailed introduction to the company's brand history, brand culture and strategic planning ↓↓

langyuan group has been established for 8 years, with a solid footprint, all the way, adhere to originality, and adhere to creating the core competitiveness of the enterprise with innovation

in recent years, the group has increased its efforts in brand publicity and promotion. Since last year, it has built a strong three-dimensional publicity offensive in paper media, airports and other media channels, and the promotion in the future is also increasing. In the passionate words of deputy general manager Wu Weijie, magnificent strategic blueprints were launched in front of every student

Terminal Q & A, product knowledge theory and practical training

how to answer customers' questions, what are the selling points of langwon products, and what is the structure Many scripts and professional knowledge must be mastered by each langyuan family. Wu Weijie, the deputy general manager, gave the trainees multi chapter and multi angle training such as "terminal questions and answers", "competitive product analysis" and "core selling points". This course enables students to deepen their understanding of langyuan products and understand that Weilang aluminum art has a core selling point of one upmanship in design, material, style, after-sales and other aspects, and everyone is more confident in the terminal

practical training

the product course is carried out in the way of combining theory and practical operation. Senior experts of the company are divided into groups to explain in detail the structure, process, motor principle and other contents of the product to the students in kind. How does the motor of the sliding door adjust its stroke? What are the requirements of the foundation and so on? The practical class enables students to have a more intuitive and profound understanding of the product

terminal promotion & Order training

"toss" creates opportunities and sales promotion breaks the calm. How to successfully promote sales and achieve the expected effect? How to arrange the promotion site and foil the atmosphere? Chen Chunlian, who grew up with Wei Lang, taught you terminal promotion skills with years of practical experience

while tutor Zhang Caiqun brought operation courses that must be learned before placing an order, such as on-site measurement skills, professional terms, precautions for placing an order ↓↓

speech and eloquence training

teacher Xu Chengye from Guangzhou Wendao marketing group brought you the course of "super sales eloquence", and let some students boldly give practical speeches on stage

standardized management of stores and management of regular customers

what are the reasons for the poor performance of stores? How to manage the store? How to market the construction site? These are the practical problems often encountered by many stores in the building materials industry. In order to solve the terminal problems for Wei Lang's family, the group specially hired the general manager of Guangzhou Jianzhong 5A business department, and the marketing coach Kang Xiaolong, who has more than 10 years of practical experience, to bring the students courses of "store standardized management" and "old customer system management"

in the course of standardized management of stores, Mr. Kang first listed the problems existing in many stores, and then proposed the methods of establishing standardized management from five aspects: people, things, materials, potential and customers

teacher Kang, who was born in actual combat, was meticulous and well-informed about the daily behavior, psychology and operation details of many store clerks, making the students feel that teacher Kang was like standing in their store and seeing what they did with his own eyes, which made the students convinced. Teacher Kang's courses are very substantial. For example, in the aspect of "things", teacher Kang shared 931 material display method; In terms of "potential", Mr. Kang shared with the students the "six pulse magic sword of the sales process"

in the course of "old customer system management", Mr. Kang shared in detail the detailed and grounded methods of old customer maintenance processes, key points and so on. Mr. Kang's course lasted from the morning of the 28th to the afternoon. The students concentrated and kept the essence learned in mind

passionate classroom

the power of individuals is limited, and the power of teams is infinite. The students of the four groups twisted their hearts into a bundle of rope, unwilling to be outdone, strived for the top, and gave full play to the spirit of teamwork to fight for points and honors for the team. During the team presentation, the students shouted slogans together and held hands, showing strong cohesion and high morale; During personal performance, students rushed to answer questions and speak boldly

there were constant shouts and applause, deafening. The students' faces were filled with the desire for success and the persistent pursuit of career. Fly the dream in your heart, challenge yourself bravely, and climb the peak of life

on site examination

as long as they listen carefully to the class, they are not afraid of the exam. Facing the last scoring link - the written exam, the students are confident, and the essence of their thoughts and the spark of wisdom turn into smooth handwriting

endless gratitude

this is an unforgettable and enriching training, a journey of wealth to set sail your dream. Thousands of words finally converge into the word "gratitude". The students can't help but express their gratitude in their hearts. They write thank-you letters, thank the company for its care and support, thank all instructors for their teaching, thank the company's staff for their hard work, and thank all family members for their mutual help

chairman's concluding speech

the two-day training slowly came to an end. Mr. long Haiyong, chairman and general manager of langyuan group and President of langyuan villa aluminum business school, made a concluding speech before the end of the training. The erudite chairman long praised the students for their unity and hard work, but also quoted Guiguzi's classic sayings. He lost his manuscript, Write it on the projection board word by word:

"people who speak, move. Those who have been silent, calm. Listen to their words because of their words. If they don't agree with their words, they will respond. They don't speak very much, but change them, move them with images, report their hearts, see their feelings, and herd them with them. They also have a slight relationship with people, and see their feelings as well as diseases, such as Yin, such as Yang, such as circle and square, see no form, circle with Tao, see form, and do things. Advance and retreat around, so it is the company."

▲ knowledgeable and elegant chairman long Haiyong

chairman long taught students to absorb the theoretical essence in "ghost Valley", be good at insight and mobilizing each other's reactions in terminal marketing, grasp information from each other's reactions, and then determine the next response plan; We should be good at using the law of opposites and complements to achieve positive results from the negative

Long Dong's penetrating words contain broad and profound truth, which is the essence of marketing theory and practice

graduation & Award

after strict training and examination, the students finished with excellent results, and director long issued the completion certificate to all the students


the most exciting moment has come. After two days of PK, the scores of the four groups increased alternately, and the scores were very close. Finally, the "awesome my regiment" team and the "Xueba" team won the first and second place respectively, and the highest score winner was awarded the Xueba award

▲ deputy general manager Wu Weijie presented the "Xueba Award" to Qin Fengfu, who obtained the highest score.

▲ deputy general manager Huang Zihua presented the award to the runner up group.

▲ deputy general manager Wu Weijie presented the award to the champion group.

so far,

the second session of langyuanshu aluminum business school training

came to a successful end in a burst of applause and cheers

I wish the students success in their studies,

in the new journey,

success, plain sailing, and grand plans




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